Charles Callanan: Where Do We Go from Here? A Message to Conservatives in the Ocean State.

OK, folks. Lets take stock in what’s going on.

Since before the outbreak of COVID, conservatives and middle-of-the-road Democrats have been getting kicked around by everyone from your local municipal worker up to and including our governor, Gina Riamondo. The regular “punching bag” sessions of marginal municipal service coupled with high taxes have left many in such a haze one can almost hear the phrase, “Cut me, Mick,” to open our eyes, just to get another beating. Rocky did lose that fight… just so you know.

If it was not unions issuing the beatings, the progressives followed up with nice roundhouse kicks for nonsensical social issues (the he/her/me/you pronoun idiocy, for example) and social programs we could never ever pay for.

Here comes COVID. The governor, in the words of Rahm Emanuel (“Never let a crisis go to waste.”), sees opportunities. She desperately wants off this berg since the Hillary train ran off the rails and with the impending financial apocalypse looming. So maybe she can kill two birds with one stone. On one hand she needs to be on that Biden VP shortlist or get a cabinet position, but if the state fails, it’s on her, and everyone knows it. So what do you do? You show your loyalty by tanking the RI economy, showing devout loyalty to the left wing and the TDS folks all at once.

Long after it was quite clear who was at risk for this virus, RI still continued with its draconian measures. Why? A tanked economy shows a Trump failure, so Gina can show she “cares.” On the other hand, Gina and the rest of the Smith Hill gang could seek out federal bailout money to cover her and their tracks just a bit longer (the old kick-the-can routine).

Well, this is folly at best. There is no way this administration will let one dime pass to an irreverent, badly run, home to Whitehouse and Cicilline state. It’s a massive miscalculation. Let’s not forget that in true Blue fashion, you the taxpayer are the sacrificial lamb in this scenario. There is a price for being “woke,” and the bill is yours, good people.

If all the above were not bad enough, now the tragic and unjust killing of one George Floyd takes place. Again, leftists seize an opportunity not only to make the administration look racist, but also to continue to chip away at the “Trump” economy, to ensure a barely coherent Joe Biden gets the nod. Never let facts get in the way that these multiple centers of this civil and racial unrest are all in deep blue states, run top to bottom by Democrats. Please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, so to speak.

So what’s my message to conservatives? Just stop.

Stop bickering; stop worrying about job titles; stop doing things the same way they’ve been done for decades around here. It ain’t working, and it ain’t going to work. You want real change? You would be surprised at how the minority community and everyone else with any brains, for that matter, believes in exactly what you do! Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are universal concepts. People do not want to walk through war zones to go to and from work. They want to raise their kids get them well educated and see them better off than they were. “We all breathe the same air.” Jogging any memories?

It’s time to put real effort and reach out to anyone who believes in the American Dream. We need to band together, good and just people, to ensure we all have the same opportunity and that government works for us and is not used as a political tool.

This is a call to action, and I’m reaching out to all of you. It can be done.

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