Travis Rowley: The Damaging Racism of the Race Obsessed In Providence Schools

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There isn’t a student within the Providence school system – long controlled by union-Democrats – who can read.

Yet, the recently replaced principal of Hope High School, Matthew Buchanan, writes in the Boston Globe how concerned he is with the skin tone of the people replacing former administrators.

This “new regime” is made up of people who don’t “look like” the support Buchanan was expecting from the State’s takeover of the urban school system. These people aren’t “connected to the community.”

They are “all outsiders.”

Funny, though. I don’t remember Buchanan complaining about non-Providence residents being forced to subsidize his abysmal schools for the past several decades. “As goes Providence, so goes Rhode Island” it has always been justified.

All bullshit.

“I began to raise concerns about the departure of Black and Brown administrators from Providence. Then, I began to feel the threats myself,” writes Buchanan. “I was expected to be quiet as I witnessed administrators of color from Providence get pushed out of the district … How was the ouster of administrators of color going to help improve the schools?”

“Because they failed to produce positive results” is a response that only makes sense outside of the progressive government bubble Buchanan resides in.

And I don’t know … it just seems to me that people of Buchanan’s mindset have had ample opportunity to construct a successful educational system. Decades have passed. The secret is out. And the results are in:

Total Failure.

Buchanan believes “education [is] the best way … to escape poverty.”

Well, maybe it’s time to start actually educating Providence children rather than focusing on the skin color of the educators.

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