Death Arrives – Lockdowns Now Demonstrably Indefensible

The survival rate of COVID-19 is now in the range of 99.35% – 99.74%, per CDC data. But even this high rate is almost certainly on the conservative side as it does not include all unidentified cases, an important data point which scientists continue diligently to try to quantify.

Moreover, COVID cases are rising but COVID deaths are falling.

Conversely, grimly, deaths from the lockdown have moved from projection to reality and are rising.

Moreover, the JAMA study found huge increases in excess deaths from underlying causes such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease in Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania – the five states with the most COVID-19 deaths in March and April. New York City experienced the biggest jumps, including a 398% rise in heart disease deaths and a 356% increase in diabetes deaths.

Add to that

… an increase of 10,000 more breast and colorectal cancer deaths in the U.S. over the next decade.

In fact, 35% of “excess deaths” early on in the pandemic were not caused by the disease itself.

“But a third possibility, the one we’re quite concerned about, is indirect mortality — deaths caused by the response to the pandemic,” [Dr. Steven] Woolf said. “People who never had the virus may have died from other causes because of the spillover effects of the pandemic, such as delayed medical care, economic hardship or emotional distress.”

… in part, because the unjustified panic tone by which some governors initially raised the alarm about the disease scared people away from getting vital medical treatments.  Longer lasting and almost certainly more profound will be the impact – deaths and exacerbation of health conditions – of the loss of health insurance by millions of people forcibly, unnecessarily placed on unemployment by governors who overreached and over-reacted.

No country has ever responded to a pandemic, however deadly – and this one is the opposite – with a lockdown.  Now we are witnessing why, in real time and real life as lockdown deaths begin to climb. 

Equally important in a different way is the destruction of people’s lives, livelihoods and businesses as certain governors strangle business revenue and wages in their state via lockdown – an inexorable decimation of revenue streams, long term revenue structures and jobs.  (The corresponding impact of this revenue loss on the state and local tax base is not of particular concern to myself and most other people; special interests and special interest-motivated elected officials may have a different take on such collateral damage from the lockdown.)

It is now downright dangerous that lockdown governors like Gina Raimondo and Charlie Baker studiously disregard all of the positive developments and critical new information about COVID-19 but continue to act, in demeanor and executive action, as though we are experiencing the bubonic plague and, medically, are still in the fourteenth century.

The continuation of the lockdowns is now completely indefensible.  They must end immediately, with protection of our precious, vulnerable population. Lockdowns are now demonstrably, completely unmoored from science, data, real life and very real death.

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