Dr. Stephen Skoly Files Appeal Against Governor McKee: Landmark Legal Battle Explored in #InTheDugout Interview

Earlier this month, a new brief was filed with the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Dr. Steven Skoly against Governor Daniel McKee, former Health directors Nicole Alexander Scott, James McDonald, and others.

In a recent interview on #InTheDugout with Mike Stenhouse, Skoly and his attorney, Greg Piccirilli, reflected on their ongoing legal battle. Skoly expressed gratitude for the support along the three-year journey. They delved into the timeline of events, starting with the shutdown of Skoly’s surgical practice, the subsequent legal actions, and the filing of the appeal.

Piccirilli outlined the three constitutional claims they are presenting in the appeal:

1. Equal Protection Claim: Highlighting disparities in the treatment of unvaccinated individuals compared to COVID-positive healthcare workers, emphasizing a lack of rational basis.

2. Due Process Claim: Asserting that Dr. Skoly was denied a fair hearing before the Rhode Island Dental Board, violating his right to due process.

3. First Amendment Retaliation Claim: Focused on the impact of Dr. Skoly’s public expression of concerns about the vaccine, leading to adverse actions and a “Wall of Shame” with his image at the Department of Corrections.

The discussion highlighted the challenges faced, including the government’s disregard for state statutes and the impact on Skoly’s practice, reputation, and financial well-being. The conversation underscored the importance of the case beyond the doctor, affecting healthcare workers’ rights and the broader issues of due process and freedom of expression.

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