ELECTION WAVES: CD-1 Candidate Interviews

Which candidates are making waves in the Ocean State?

It is your patriotic duty to vote, if you are eligible. To help with your ballot decision, all pre-primary interviews have been completed and are available for your 24/7 on-demand viewing.

Only the following four candidates accepted our open-letter invitation to conduct an interview. Along with their post-interview comments, we extend our thanks to:

  • Allen Waters, Democrat – “Good stuff!”
  • Stephen Casey, Democrat – “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.”
  • Spencer Dickinson, Democrat – “Thanks for what you are doing. (The) Interviewer (Mike Stenhouse is) skilled, knowledgeable, and fair.”
  • Terri Flynn, Republican – “Thank you for the opportunity!”

As part of our Election Waves coverage, The Ocean State Current invited all qualifying candidates for the open US House seat in Rhode Island’s first Congressional District to appear as guest on its popular video podcast, In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse.

The interviews will provide all candidates with a dedicated opportunity to inform voters of their political views and policy positions in responding to questions from the podcast’s host

The Current is the media arm of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity, which earlier this month launched a voter-awareness campaign to encourage eligible moderate, conservative, and libertarian voters, who might not ordinarily vote in a Democrat primary, to “cross-over” and vote for a candidate who more closely represents their values.

The Current will issue a new round of invitations to the two primary winners in September.

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