Eventually the Glass Onion Will Hit the Ground

One circumstance in which it’s no fun to be proven correct is when the relevant statement was a warning.  Here I am in 2004:

I’m sure there are a substantial number of people — particularly among those who read the Internet regularly — who would have no problem with any innovation up to and including cloning. From there, who can guess the next step? Would a married couple requesting the pill for the first time have believed anybody loony enough to suggest that gay marriage — let alone cloning — would be the result? Whether folks in the Sixties had reason or capability to see it, the trend is coded, so to speak, in the initial steps of the liberalization of sexual morality, with the innovation of contraception.

It’s still a matter of speculation, but here’s Wesley Smith, writing on National Review Online last week:

Advances in reproductive technology may radically change the options we have for starting a family. We’re not too far from fundamentally redefining what it means to start a family. Do you want to have children, but don’t have a partner? Do you want children with your partner, but it’s a same-sex relationship? Or perhaps you’re a woman who wants children without the burden of a 9-month pregnancy. You might opt for ectogenesis, or moving gestation to an artificial womb.

Whether it is possible or not for the United States to resist this trend, I don’t know, but enough of us Americans can to make a difference simply by standing by Truth even when it brings us negative attention.  With each step, our society becomes more accustomed to the degradation, and eventually it will no longer hold together.

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