Gary Morse: A Miraculous COVID-19 Recovery

Executive chef and Middletown, Rhode Island, resident Lyle Morse spends part of the year working in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Like most people who contract COVID-19, his symptoms started out mild. But within a week, he was placed into an induced coma and airlifted from one hospital in Wyoming to another in Idaho.

Three days later, while Lyle was still in a coma, doctors notified his family of a likely fatal outcome. The last and only hope appeared to be the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine. The family gave the hospital permission to use drug immediately.

Within 24 hours after use of hydroxychloroquine, Lyle Morse’s vital signs stabilized, with gradual improvement over the next few days. Both hospitals where Morse was treated now consider him their “miracle” patient and give credit to the use of hydroxychloroquine as the main reason for the rapid recovery.

Apart from the effects of lying in a coma for nine days, and losing 70 pounds, Morse says he is now feeling pretty good. He also credits his recovery to the hydroxychloroquine. “The doctors and my family knew there were risks, but they also knew it might be my only chance for a recovery” said Morse.


Gary Morse is Lyle Morse’s brother.


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