Global Climate Strike: An Inconvenient Data Point; Your Global Warming Confessions

Today, children around the world are participating in a Global Climate Strike.  I won’t criticize them for this highly misguided activity but rather the adults – including, notably and disturbingly, educators – who have foisted on them a hysteria that is almost entirely free of facts and reasoning. For example, one important data point these children are almost certainly not learning in school or anywhere: the actual extent of the greenhouse gases generated by humans and, thereby, what we can conclude about our (very limited) culpability in global warming.

It is less than 6%.  ALL of man’s fossil fueled activity – all factories, all power plants, all manufacturing, all cars, all countries, all 7.5 billion people – contributes less than 6% of greenhouse gases generated on the planet.  The balance is generated naturally by Earth itself.

Less than 6%.  Quite the inconvenient data point. The case that this is the tipping point for a global warming trend would have to be quite strong. Unfortunately, it is not. It is based upon computer models and a temperature data set that is furiously being fiddled to show a smooth, upward trend since 1880, when the use of fossil fuels began to take off.

One other item to point to before we get to confessing our own global warming shortcomings: Competitive Enterprise Institute’s enlightening list of “50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions“.  One especially important item to note: with regard to global temperature trends, the climate panic by certain scientists in the 1970’s focused on global cooling, not global warming.  And since then, the many, many missed deadlines for apocalyptic consequences of global warming and Our Failure To Act are frankly comical but more to the point, thoroughly discredit the hysterical admonitions that We Are Out of Time and We Have to Act Now or (literally what some are saying) The World Will End.

By the way: yes, “global warming”, not “climate change”.  I refuse to go along with this duplicitous re-branding which is also strongly indicative of how proponents view the weakness of the case for their theory.

Now on to our global warming confessions – inspired by NBC News’ shrill, accusatory page “Climate Confessions: Where do you fall short in preventing climate change?” which inadvertently and starkly enumerates all of the sacrifices that would have to be made to become submissive to this religio … er, theory.

I’ll start.  I confess that my global warming sin is a bad attitude.  I really appreciate the benefits and relatively low cost of fossil fuels.  I thoroughly enjoy heat in the winter and cooling in the summer and lights and my devices and letting a machine wash the laundry and all of the other machines that save us all from much hard labor and the convenience of driving around in a car and many other things; some necessary, some simply convenient – all at a reasonable cost.

Your turn.  Please share with us your global warming confessions.

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