Mainstream Women’s Group Launches in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Women for Freedom & Prosperity, the voice of pro-liberty women in the Ocean State, today announced the launch of its new group, with Susan Wynne to serve as its primary spokeswoman and head of the group’s executive committee.

“Our goal is to give voice to the silent majority of moderate and conservative women in our state as a common-sense contrast to the extreme-left views pushed up at the statehouse,” said Wynne, a Lincoln resident and long-time pro-freedom advocate and former President of the RI Tea Party.

Joining Wynne on the executive committee are Ceasare Rivas, a self-employed single mother of two; Judith Bowman, an accomplished author and expert on civility; and Carey Jeffrey, who founded RI Citizens for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

“There are thousands of other women out there like me who need to come together in a unified voice and help make Rhode Island a great place to live, work, and raise our families. Join us today,” urged Rivas.

The mission of RI Women for Freedom & Prosperity is to empower and give voice to the silent majority of pro-liberty women in our state… to be heard and to effectively become involved our state’s political process and in society by providing them with the information, education & training, and motivation to confidently engage in civil public discourse and to become a trusted leader in the civic and business arenas.

RI Women for Freedom is currently accepting memberships at just $10 per year and is expected to soon engage in important public issues and to announce its initial training and educational events.

Commented one new member: “I value freedom and want prosperity for my family. I want to encourage more women to believe in the principles of this organization and give them the tools to change our state for the better.”

One focus of the new group is to provide the common-sense “other side” of the debate in many of the important policy and societal issues that arise … and to represent the views of mainstream Ocean State women.

Unlike the search-and-destroy tactics deployed by the left, RI Women for Freedom expects to advocate in a bold, yet civil and respectful manner.

RI Women For Freedom & Prosperity is a nonpartisan issue-advocacy group for pro-liberty women in the Ocean State and is an initiative of the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity.

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