Marlyn Batista: Latinos Know To Protect The Unborn

Dear Mayor Elorza,

My name is Marlyn. I am a 28-year-old long time Hispanic American resident of Providence. I have been wanting to write to you since I heard your testimony at the Judiciary committee hearing in regard to the Reproductive Health Care Act on Tuesday January 29th, but to be honest it has taken me a couple of days to process and come to terms with the very confusing and contradicting nature of the position you took.

On three occasions during your testimony on Tuesday you claimed to be speaking on behalf of “your community,” and more specifically, you referred to those minorities of lower income in Providence; in other words, you claimed to be speaking for me. And yet Mr. Mayor, you did not represent me at all. Nor did you represent anyone in my family or circle of friends. Rather all you did was expose what you truly believe about the people who in good faith elected you into office.

The most ironic thing about your testimony is that you were holding your own son while advocating for a policy that would have failed to protect him just months ago. The dissonance of your position was unbelievable. And as those of the pro-choice movement often do, you attempted to make an argument against the pro-life stance in the name of tolerance. And yet you deny unborn children the same tolerance you advocate for. Your comments only served to illustrate your ignorance — as abortion is not a religious issue. It is an issue that pertains to human life. And if you cannot be trusted to protect the most vulnerable in our society, then you cannot be trusted with anything at all.

12651053_1315272745165359_864747951275413727_nYour position on the issue of Abortion was an utter disappointment. As a Latina, you have completely lost my support, and I will also be sure to make other people in the Hispanic community aware of your position on this matter, which is so contrary to who Latinos are as a people. We love our children, no matter the circumstances that bring them about. We love life. So, I am not sure who you thought you were speaking for besides your fiancé, but you did not speak for me and you did not speak for us.


Marlyn Batista
A Concerned Citizen

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