Moira Walsh: Crash-and-Burn? Or Shooting Star?

New Progressive star Rep. Moira Walsh is in the news again, this time for getting fired from her waitress job.

Owner says: “Walsh would often get into vocal political discussions with customers during her shifts, often sitting down with the diners in their booths. We sometimes had to ask her to return to her duties and advised her to continue her discussions when she was off the clock. “

For her part, Rep. Moira Walsh claims she was fired for her politics, according to the same ProJo story:

“See, since becoming a mouthpiece for those who are the voiceless, I’ve made a lot of enemies. I had a stranger write my first one star yelp review based not on my service, but on my political beliefs. I was fired …”

I’ve got to give her credit: After writing a Commentary piece for the ProJo that was later found to have been….troublesome:

In her June 16 Commentary piece (“20 tasks for $2.89 per hour”), Moira Walsh, a volunteer for the union-backed Restaurant Opportunities Center, purported to share her experiences as a waitress. After the piece ran, Kate Conroy, who describes herself as a longtime bartender, notified us that she co-wrote the piece, which she said is a composite of their joint experiences. We have removed this deceptive piece from our website and apologize to readers for having published it.

Ms. Walsh successfully ran for and won a RI House seat and subsequently received a glowing write up in The Atlantic for her waitress-fights-the-power story in which she detailed her single-mother, working-mom, working-class blues, union organizing activism.  Honestly, she really is a Progressive’s dream.

Perhaps moreso after the recent controversy surrounding her Christmastime, anti-man Facebook post in which she wrote: “Peace on earth, good will to WOMEN.  I am done giving you men my good will. You won’t do anything good with it. All my holiday cheer is for women femmes and trans. [sic]  The rest of you boys can kick rocks.”

In an interview with WPRO’s Tara Granahan, Walsh attempted to contextualize her Facebook post by claiming she put it up after having just attended a presentation on domestic violence.  She stated she purposely sought to exclude men: “I knew that not including men in one specific social media status would enrage men across the state, but I’m still not sure why.”  Setting aside the “What me worry?” act and that not providing proper context at the time made an impact, it is disingenuous to claim she isn’t including men when she specifically negatively included “men” for the sake of making a point.  As for the rest of the interview? Fairly normal, boilerplate feminism.

And now she’s been fired for her political views. Really, she’s hit all of her marks so far.  I anticipate a run for higher office in her future. Unless she really messes up, which is possible given her youth and inexperience, she is certainly well-positioned – and no doubt well-supported – to call her political shots down the line.


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