Raimondo Echoes Prayer Mockery

It’s difficult to understand why the governor of Rhode Island, a week later, would decide to echo the ghoulish and offensive attack of left wingers on those who offer thoughts and prayers for the victims of attacks — in this case, a terrorist attack — but she did.

Last week, as the nation watched with concern the slow trickle of information about the attack in San Bernardino and victims requested prayers, left-wing politicians, journalists, and activists turned their ire against those who were offering “thoughts and prayers,” mocking them as an ineffectual substitute for more gun control laws further eroding the Second Amendment.

Already out on a limb with that sentiment, those expressing it looked downright foolish when the attack turned out to be terrorism, and the taint of foolishness has darkened as information has come out about the incident, suggesting that it was part of a plot in which somebody else bought the guns (which, I believe, are actually outlawed in California) and sending the FBI to Europe for the investigation.  And yet, during a media event intended to promote anti-gun laws in Rhode Island:

“When I became governor, I never thought I would spend so much time ordering our flags at half mast on account of gun tragedies in this country, and we just did it again,” [Democrat Governor Gina] Raimondo said, referring to last week’s San Bernardino, Calif., shootings. “We spend entirely too much time extending our good wishes, sympathies, thoughts and our prayers to victims, and not enough time getting around the table and saying, ‘What can we do?'”

At least as presented in Alisha Pina’s Providence Journal report, the answers of the panel were pretty thin, mainly having to do with increasing restrictions for those involved in domestic violence disputes.  But the event and Raimondo’s rhetoric during it suggest that the governor is either steeped in left-wing talking points and media or is deliberately coordinating her actions as our governor with national Democrats, most likely in support of likely presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton — whom Raimondo vocally supports and who is currently under investigation by the FBI for alleged misuse of a private server to process her classified email when she was Secretary of State.

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