Rowing the Cover Up Narrative with a Broken Ohr

Not to repeat myself repeat myself, but we really are living in different worlds, these days.

Early this morning, Rhode Island TV reporter Sean Daly tweeted the following in (123):

NBC’s Chuck Todd had some advice for journalists on Thursday: Don’t skip work on Friday, or you could miss a potential bombshell. “Here’s what I’ve learned about Bob Mueller,” Todd said.

“Not a single person that has known him, been with him, worked with him, wouldn’t say that he would have ended this investigation if there was no collusion. He would have already ended this investigation.”

Todd then added he believes Mueller will likely keep quiet between Labor Day-Election Day. Which led the MTP host to this conclusion: “I’m not missing work tomorrow. I wouldn’t miss work tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last business day of the pre-Labor Day to Election Day window.”

The insinuation is that some big shoe will drop today moving the Trump-Russia collusion case toward the president, if not all the way to his door.  Of course, the day isn’t over, yet, but it won’t change my understanding of the universe if Mueller does just that.  I also won’t find it Earth-shattering if Mueller takes action during this supposed indictment-free period prior to the election.  And I won’t find my world upside down if (as I suspect) no collusion charges are ever substantiated.

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I’m not sure, however, that the same is true for those who are convinced that there’s something to the allegations.  For them, there has to be a there there.  The alternative goes against everything they’ve come to believe.

And to be fair, that’s not entirely their fault.  The news media — yes, “fake news” — has been denying them the context by which to really understand what’s going on.  Take as my case in point an AP article headlined in the Fall River Herald with, “Lawyer was told Russia had ‘Trump over a barrel’.”  The lawyer in question is Bruce Ohr of the Justice Department, whose name will set off alarms for anybody who’s been following this story.

A senior Justice Department lawyer says a former British spy told him at a breakfast meeting two years ago that Russian intelligence believed it had Donald Trump “over a barrel,” according to multiple people familiar with the encounter.

The lawyer, Bruce Ohr, also says he learned that a Trump campaign aide had met with higher-level Russian officials than the aide had acknowledged, the people said.

The previously unreported details of the July 30, 2016, breakfast with Christopher Steele, which Ohr described to lawmakers this week in a private interview, reveal an exchange of potentially explosive information about Trump between two men the president has relentlessly sought to discredit.

One can only marvel at the audacity of this story to claim that this information “add[s] to the public understanding of those pivotal summer months as the FBI and intelligence community scrambled to untangle possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.”  Bruce Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS, which the Clinton campaign and Democrat National Committee funded for opposition research against Trump and which hired Christopher Steele to find dirt.

In short, “multiple” anonymous sources leaked select details from a private meeting about what a compromised government lawyer claims to have been told by a spy-for-hire and his wife’s employer, which was being paid to tar the now-president.  Except as evidence of collusion between the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign, this is garbage, and the obviousness that this is garbage may be the reason that this is the extent to which the relationships are explained in the article:

One of the meetings described to House lawmakers Tuesday was a Washington breakfast attended by Steele, an associate of his and Ohr. Ohr’s wife, Nellie, who worked for the political research firm, Fusion GPS, that hired Steele, attended at least part of the breakfast.

Really, this is getting to be too much to take.  I don’t put much stock in Trump’s character, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is proven to have crossed lines in his campaign, although I don’t think the evidence so far supports the collusion accusations and, frankly, I subscribe to the school of thought that suspects he didn’t really want to win, in the first place, which may explain why he didn’t cross that line, if indeed he didn’t.

However, it is clearer and clearer that the prior president and another former president’s wife conspired with their party as well as foreign nationals to manipulate the election, not only in the Democrat primary, but also in the general.  It is also clearer and clearer that the mainstream news media is doing its best to be part of the cover up whether because they are really just partisan activists or are true believers.

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