Same-Sex Marriage (Again) and Dawson Hodgson as AG

This Twitter conversation may have run its course, but it seemed like a good first try at the “Longer Twitter” post type.  @kevmcgreevy and I have been going back and forth about the import of same-sex marriage, having begun with my question of whether a politician’s being “only fiscally conservative” should really matter to full-on conservatives when it comes to choosing an attorney general. To jump right in and respond to the latest Tweet at that link:

Of course marriage is more than sex, but to redefine marriage to include people of the same sex, while still excluding parents and their children, is to make sex the critical, defining aspect, because relationships that would be incest, if they were sexual, can still entail all of the legal, financial, and mutual-care aspects captured in marriage.

(In theory, this will continue in the comment section.)

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