Shout Down the Hate

It’s a practice spreading like a zombie virus across the United States, with college students’ appearing to be the most susceptible.  But rather than turning its victims into reanimated flesh-eating corpses, the politically correct disease turns them into cry bullies who shout down anybody who disagrees with them and demand far-reaching changes that have questionable applicability to their complaints and an even more-dubious chance of succeeding in their goals.

When a mob of Brown University students trooped a few blocks from their campus to bring their illness to the Rhode Island State House, they made it near impossible not to add them to my collection of parody song subjects.

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Shout Down the Hate

A-well, we walked on over from the university,
Got a blister along the way
There’s a political speaker at some right-winger rally
Don’t wanna hear what he’s got to say

And it’s hard
Oh, it’s hard
You gotta go so far to show you’ll tolerate
And anyone
You gotta scream so loud to shout down the hate

Well, that guy was so persuasive with his facts and polite tones
If they hear him, folks might think he’s got a clue
That’s why we’ll silence them all (and make them pay our student loans)
When the foot is in the other shoe

And it’s hard
Oh, it’s hard
Collecting signatures to make divestment fate
For anyone
We wanna shun
You gotta scream so loud to shout down the hate

So now we’re back on campus, chilling in our own safe space
Being affirmed via wireless network
But it’s so exhausting fixin’ up the human race
Glad the dean gives extensions for homework

‘Cause it’s hard
Oh, it’s hard
When we’re so perfect now, but still we have to wait
For everyone
To say we’ve won
And until they do, we’ll shout down the hate

Featured image is a video still culled from WPRI coverage, available here.


Of the following two issues related to Rhode Island’s public schools, which one is a greater concern?

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