Special Delivery! Conservatives Receive Anonymous Progressive Hate Mail

Yesterday, at least five Rhode Island conservatives received hate letters with a Progressive message in the mail to their homes. Chad Callanan, Sean Todd, Andy Deutsch, Rhode Island GOP Chairwoman Sue Cienki, and Senator Gordon Rogers were the targets of the coordinated mailings. The identity of the sender is unknown.

“Got an interesting letter today. Seems they forgot I didn’t win the election,” posted Callanan on Facebook.  “The ‘tolerant left.’ Odd though to get this so soon after asking the Town Council why it paid out so much money to felons.”

Progressive Hate Letter sent to Chad Callanan

Cienki’s letter accused her of being a “traitor” to all women for her chairwomanship of the Rhode Island GOP and conservative views.

Cienki, Callanan, Todd, and Deutsch all live in East Greenwich and have been extremely active in town politics.

In the letter to Rogers, the sender of the letter claims first hand knowledge of the personal opinions of “David.” 

“David” likely refers to the husband of Rep. Justine Caldwell of East Greenwich mentioned throughout the letters. The writer, presumably claiming to be a woman with the ability to abort her unborn child, says that she hopes Justine Caldwell one day runs against Rogers. The Caldwells are militant Progressives. 

Rogers represents Coventry, Foster, Scituate, West Greenwich.

Gordon Rogers Hate Letter

“I find the whole situation very strange. There does not appear to be any actual connection between the recipients. We have one sitting senator, a group of former office holders, and one candidate that didn’t get elected,” said Will Ricci, Rhode Island GOP Secretary. “Frankly, it seems like a waste of good postage.”

The letters, saturated with grammatical errors, are postmarked August 31st coming from Boston, MA. The letters are stamped with forever bird stamps, and the addresses of the recipients are printed then taped to the letters.

The “Straight Pride Parade” was held in Boston on the day the letters were mailed, with violent Antifa protestors attempting to disrupt the parade. The Boston Police made 36 arrests as a result of the violence at the parade.

Law enforcement has been notified about the letters.

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