State GOP Endorsement Convention Results

Results of the 2014 Rhode Island Republican statewide office endorsement convention, including brief excerpts from each endorsed candidate’s acceptance remarks

Endorsed for Governor: Allan Fung (over Ken Block 120-46):

Allan Fung: “I pledge to you, I will bring jobs to Rhode Island. I will make Rhode Island one of the most tax-friendly and competitive states in the northeast to do business. I pledge to you, that your children will not have to flee the state to find work, because as we already now, Rhode Island’s greatest export right now is our kids. I pledge to you that your parents who are entering retirement will not have to flee the state to find financial stability and security. I pledge to you, that if you are a business owner, you will have a partner in the Fung administration and in government who will start treating you as a customer and not as an ATM. The residents of Rhode Island have suffered for too long, and it is time that we take back our state”.

Endorsed for Lieutenant Governor: Catherine Taylor (over Kara Russo 134-31):

Catherine Taylor: “For the next four years, the office of lieutenant governor is going to be there, and I know that I as a taxpayer, a voter and a citizen of this state want to make sure that the person who’s in that office isn’t there just for a promotion, isn’t there to do their own personal agenda and isn’t there for a pet project, but to use the duties of the office, and the authorities of the office, and the convening powers of the office, and a good rapport with the next Republican governor of the state of Rhode Island…to make us look at the whole picture of our state and our economy, and look at every single person and every single business, because we’re not seeing it yet”.

Endorsed for Attorney General: Dawson Hodgson (uncontested):

Dawson Hodgson: “Rhode Island needs experienced and engaged leadership in the office of Attorney General, somebody who is going to be here on issues like 38 Studios, someone who is going to be here, when the thrill killer is released from prison, somebody who is going to be here on Deepwater wind, and somebody who is going to have a plan to meet the justice and safety needs of this state, rather than sitting idle.”

(Voice from the audience is heard saying: “In Florida”.)

Endorsed for Secretary of State: John Carlevale (uncontested):

John Carlevale: “The last time a Republican was elected to the office of Secretary of State was 1992; that was Barbara Leonard. With your help and support, we can change that this year….The slate that we have here tonight is an impressive slate. There is no reason why we can’t deliver the goods, for four of those five general officers, I’m convinced of that”.

Endorsed for United States Senate: Mark Zaccaria (over Kara Russo 151-14):

Mark Zaccaria: “We have catastrophic economic policies. We have catastrophic regulatory policies. We have catastrophic foreign policies. We have catastrophic legal policies, which allow our Federal government to pick and choose the things they want to do and what they don’t….Jack Reed has voted yes for everything that is bad about Rhode Island and our nation today. It’s time for Rhode Islanders to be ready to vote no.”

Endorsed for Congressional District 1: Cormick Lynch (over Stan Tran 54-21):

Cormick Lynch: “We have the ability to change the path we’re on, but it requires a change in leadership, leaders committed to action, achievement and accountability. Action is not simply hoping for change. Saying the word ‘hope’ does nothing to generate change. It’s about as good a strategy as saying the word ‘money’ to generate wealth. It’s not going to happen. Take action, with an open mind, and put up results. Achievement: we need to overcome odds and accomplish things. The solutions to our problems will not come from clinging to an ideology or regurgitating outdated slogans. We need leadership, not salesmanship. Accountability: we cannot reelect the same people, and expect different results. Our incumbents must be held responsible for their failures, the people of Rhode Island deserve better”.

Endorsed for Congressional District 2: Rhue Reis (uncontested):

Rhue Reis: “I believe that our founders wanted to have representation for the people, of the people and by the people, and this is the reason I have to decided to take on the challenge, because I know in my heart that I will represent the people of Rhode Island and this country, and I will fight hard to get this country back on the path, where we don’t have to worry about the deficits, that are going to cripple opportunities, that the other party has no problem putting forth”.

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