In late 2021 Dr. Stephen Skoly’s oral and facial surgical practice was shut down for 6 months by the RI Dep’t of Health, after his legitimate request for a medical exemption to RI’s “healthcare worker vaccine mandate” was rejected. Doc Skoly never received the administrative hearing prescribed by state law, while his related 2022 private lawsuit was dismissed by RI’s Federal District Court in July 2023 and by the US 1st Circuit Court of Appeals in May 2024. To this day Skoly has never been allowed a hearing … or to utter single word of his own …in support of his cause.

The following video clips were from Doc Skoly’s June 2024 interview with Mike Stenhouse on his #InTheDugout podcast.

After being shut down and censored … is Doc Skoly giving up?

How the RIDOH officials got everything wrong during the pandemic

Sten on RIDOH Failures and 3 Critical Questions

Doc Skoly on how to combat the ruinous “Administrative State”

Is Doc Skoly planning future action against RIDOH?

Doc Skoly & Sten on the Center’s Plan to Form a Strategic Litigation Capacity in RI

Doc Skoly; will there ever be “A Day of Reckoning” for RIDOH or RIDOT?

Did Doc Skoly lose over $1 Million because after RIDOH shut down his surgical practice?

Doc Skoly on the “Swarm Consensus” – how all of government is aligned to control citizens

Doc Skoly on what government got wrong during the pandemic

Doc Skoly to keep his Hippocratic Oath, Despite RI’s “Evil” Retaliation Against his Practice

Governor Mckee & RIDOH’s Unjust Character Assassination And Censorship Of Doc Skoly

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