Despite what the people who would rather dismiss us claim, we don’t have a large operating budget gifted to us by billionaires.  And despite our ability to break through to mainstream audiences from time to time (with lots of effort), we often find media doors closed when it comes to the issues most important to us.

The best way to ensure that we can offer a real alternative voice in Rhode Island is to help us build a direct line to the people we actually need to reach.  Analysis of which posts are successful on The Current shows that our message can take off when it finds its way into groups and communities that are directly affected by a particular issue.  When that happens, it sends our meters spinning.  Being published, quoted, and mentioned elsewhere is nice, but it doesn’t do much to move the needle.

So:  We need you!

Just by subscribing, friending, and following us wherever we are to be found, you can expand our reach, bringing us to others’ attention.  Visiting the site regularly and participating in the conversation here (rather than on some social media site owned by a tech oligarch who’d probably just as soon usher us to our own distant corner) would be even better.

Please take a few moments to sign on and sign up in all the ways listed below and invite people you know to do the same.  If there is some other social media site or service that you use to get your information, let Justin know.


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