The Key to Understanding and Improvement Is Family, Not Race or Government

The folks at the Family Prosperity Initiative have a warning of sorts for anybody who wants to understand the Trump phenomenon and is striving to turn it into a racial issue:

The word “stunning” has appeared in countless media reports since Donald Trump’s presidential election victory this week. Almost no one among the mainstream press, pollsters, or other political prognosticators saw it coming, and now all of them are scrambling to understand how it happened. They’ve belatedly trained their microscopes on white working-class voters in the Rust Belt for clues they missed in the months – and years – leading up to Tuesday night. What they don’t realize is that a trove of evidence was right of front of them all along in the pages of the Family Prosperity Index.

This is about the well-being of families, even if many of the people who constitute the movement wouldn’t know to articulate the issue in those terms if asked.  In a way, it’s an American version of France’s “zombie Catholics“:

To understand his success in a country where numbers of churchgoers have plummeted, experts point to the cultural Catholics of France – geniously dubbed les zombies catholiques (the zombie Catholics) by sociologists Emmanuel Todd and Hervé Le Bras. In their book Le mystère français, Todd and Le Bras explain that “Catholicism seems to have attained a kind of life after death. But since it is a question of a this-worldly life, we will define it as ‘zombie Catholicism.’” …

… there are still pockets in France where the social values of Catholicism have remained strong despite waning church numbers – explaining, at least in part, the success of [François] Fillon.

Progressives’ trick is to define the culture on which our country and Western civilization were built as “white supremacy.”  We shouldn’t accept that premise.

By the way, Rhode Island is at the back of the Family Prosperity ranking, yet our backlash languishes.  Perhaps we’re an indication of what happens when a region goes beyond the point of no hope, although there is evidence that we’re following two separate paths, just letting the one built on government dependency dominate.

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