The Responsibility of the “Experts”

As is his wont, it only takes Instapundit Glenn Reynolds one sentence and a link to make a key point:

WHEN THE PUBLIC HEALTH APPARAT HAS LOST THE TRUST OF HEALTH WORKERS: Majority of Southern California nurses refusing the COVID vaccine.

This is how badly the “experts” have screwed up.

The thing that progressives, technocrats, and rule-by-expert types miss is that — in any kind of government with a pretense to represent the public, rather than dictate to us — how the People will respond to a policy is a central question.  The “experts” can’t behave in a way that is sure to spark an unhelpful response from the public and then complain that the public is being unhelpful.  The governor can’t impose rules that are sure not to be followed, ladled out in a way designed to string us all along and flavored with a scolding tone of disappointment and blame, and then complain when (she says) the rules aren’t being followed well enough.

Of course, this tendency is why progressivism leads directly to tyranny. When it comes down to it, the self-authorized experts think their proclamations outweigh the public’s right to self government.  They know what is proper and good, and anybody who refuses to go along is obviously not worthy of freedom.

We see this attitude starkly with the coronavirus, but it permeates everything.  From free speech to business regulation to zoning to taxation, if you won’t do what you’re told of your own free will (with their helpful psychological tricks and manipulation) they’ll have to force you to do it.

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