Video Business Meetings Require Preparation

The global pandemic has thrust women and men are in a new professional world, and RI Women for Freedom & Prosperity Executive Committee member Judith Bowman has some valuable advice:

We have been tossed into a new way of doing business on so many fronts, the biggest of which is probably video conferencing. Whether you use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, Go To Meeting, or any of the other services, the same rules will apply. Please enjoy this article on navigating an on-line meeting.

The face-to-face, time-honored, traditional business meeting remains an integral art of the business landscape today and endures as the singular most effective means of collaborating, connecting, relating and bonding with others. Invasion of the global pandemic has triggered the embrace of virtual channels to support our communications needs and maintain a business presence. As a result, Zoom has soared to prominence. Uncommon attention is now being quite commonly bestowed upon this previously less familiar virtual communication medium which comes with its own set of guidelines governing behavior which interestingly, closely parallels rules president over regular one-on-one business meetings… only on steroids. Simply stated, using Zoom means working harder. Therefore, preparation for a Zoom call should be both tactical and strategic. And remember, Perception IS reality!

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