WATCH: N.K. School Committee Chair Ignores the Key Issue in “Naked Body-fat Test” report

Gregory Blasbalg, Chairman for the North Kingstown, RI school committee, gives lip service to the 146 page report filed by Judge Susan McGuirl. In his statement, Blasbalg completely ignores the failures of the School Committee to act, early on, after details of the Aaron Thomas abuse came to light.

How could this chairman and this school committee do nothing for years … and allow a known sexual predator to resign with dignity and subsequently teach in another elementary school in our state.

In fact, and astoundingly, Blasbalg gives the committee a pat on the back citing that the report matched their committee’s own findings matching years of neglect from the school committee and former superintendent Auger. So, why wasn’t this matter resolved years ago?

Judge McGuirl was hired by the North Kingstown Town Council to investigate the matter of Aaron Thomas, an athletic coach, who was performing fat tests on naked school athletes.

Judge McGuirl found a culture unwilling to protect the students even though it was widely known through the school system.

This is why such sexual acts must become a ‘criminal’ act, so that abusers like Thomas have an official record that can be discovered on basis background checks. The passing of RI’s “Protect Our Kids’ legislation (S2219 and H8230) must be passed and signed into law this month. You can take action and make your voice heard on this issue, here:

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