What’s in… What’s out… 8/23/19

What’s in…

1. The RI Education Commissioner … isn’t pleased with the condition of the Providence schools.  With just two weeks till schools open, Angelica Infante-Green told the Providence Journal on Wednesday this: “I’m already disappointed with what we found yesterday … It’s not up to my standards. It’s not as clean as we expected, and the physical condition is worse than what people have reported. The conversations are going to be very difficult.”

The education commissioner has stated that she is doing what she can from the outside. This sounds like she is trying to work with her hands tied. She admits she hasn’t fully taken over the Providence school district, yet. This is one of those times when one has to say “Lead or get out of the way.” We all wish the commissioner well, but at some point, she will have to take hold of the pirate ship and navigate it into safety.

2. Dancing with the Stars. On Wednesday morning’s Good Morning America, ABC announced that Sean Spicer will be among the 12 celebrities appearing in this season’s reality show, Dancing with the Stars.  Spicer, former White House press secretary, won’t be the only Rhode Islander to join the dance show. He’ll be joined by former University of Rhode Island basketball star Lamar Odom.  Let’s see how they dance themselves out of this one.

3. Airport inquiry. State Senator Samuel Bell, a Providence Democrat, is asking about recent announcements made by the Airport Corporation, which said Tuesday that Norwegian Air is leaving T.F. Green Airport after only two years. Bell said this raises questions about choices made by the Rhode Island Airport Corporation management.  There have been other routes cut, too, which Senator Bell feels merit an inquiry into decisions made by the Airport Corporation.

What’s out….

1. Those Jump Bikes … are jumping all over the place.  Uber is temporarily removing its dockless e-bikes from Providence following reports of criminal misuse, vandalism, and robberies.  By pulling the bikes, Uber and the Providence Police hope to locate and retrieve stolen bikes. This whole Jump bike program is out of control.  The program needs to be revamped in a way where the bikes cannot be left all over our neighborhoods and used for criminal activities. No report on what happens to the violators who are stealing these bikes or robbing people while using them.  Inquiring minds want to know about that.

2. Club Flow.  Another Providence night club that had a shooting this week has agreed to stay closed throughout the weekend.  The club’s attorney, Nicholas Hemond, said it will remain closed until the gunman is caught. Hemond also represents Club Seven, which was the scene of the fatal stabbing in Federal Hill.  He is also chairman of the Providence School Board.

3. Linc isn’t missing anymore.  For those of you who have wondered where Lincoln Chaffee has been, don’t fret.  He’s back.  Chaffee has confirmed that he told The Daily Beast that he is considering a 2020 run for President as the Libertarian Party nominee. The former governor never fails to surprise us with his announcements. 


Featured image by Dave Amadio.

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