Ken Block a Republican?


So ever since Ken Block founded the Moderate Party of Rhode Island, he has been quietly encouraged by at least one Republican (this gentleman, to be specific) to join the RI Republican Party, in part, to head off the four way general election that got incumbent Governor Chafee, then unaffiliated, elected

This afternoon, prompted by WPRO’s Buddy Cianci, Block would not rule out running for governor as a Republican next year.  This would almost certainly set up a primary against Mayor Allan Fung (R – Cranston).

What do our Republican friends think of this potential development?  Is this what those who encouraged him to join the RIGOP had in mind?  And we should note here that, as Governor Chafee has joined the Democrat Party, it would appear right now (early, to be sure) that the identical situation that got him elected – a four way general election – will not be repeated next year.  Accordingly, does this diminish the urgency to convert Ken Block?

  • Mark

    His proposed switch in affiliation seems to be more for his convenience than for any RI GOP ideology. Do we really want another Lincoln Chafee in the RI GOP?

  • RandallSpazniak

    Opportunity for Fung to kick his butt in a primary and not deal with the spoiler 3-4% in the main election.

  • Dan

    Why would Block sign up with the perpetually depressed and electorally frustrated RIGOP after heavily investing in his new Moderate Party just as it has begun to get widespread recognition in the state?

  • Patrick

    Because like it or not, Republicans as a label do get more votes than Moderates. Elections are a game, you have to play by the rules of the game. The game says to be taken seriously as a candidate, you need to be from one of the two major parties (or be an "independent")

    Don't hate the player, hate the game…

  • Dan

    So the purpose of building an entirely new political party and promoting it in Rhode Island was… what?

    When it comes to RI politics, it's entirely appropriate to hate both the players and the game.

  • Patrick

    Well, while I don't think any decision has been made yet, many decisions are based on a snapshot in time. Maybe when the M party was created, it was the right way to go. Maybe now, Ken will find that it's not the right way to go. Or maybe he will. But, times change, situations change. If you started driving down a dead end, it makes no sense to keep going simply because you started down that way.

  • Jason

    Block is only about himself. He never built a party to sustain a movement, it was always about him because no one else embraced him! Unreal. But I agree with Randall, HUGE opportunity for Fung to now avoid the spoiler syphen in the general.

  • Guest

    If it wasn't for Block, Gump wouldn't be Governor. The whole game is fixed and right on schedule.

  • Patrick

    If it wasn't for Robitaille, Chafee wouldn't be Governor. If it wasn't for Caprio, Chafee wouldn't be Governor.

  • Warrington Faust

    An aside, I notice people are becoming more concerned about the (federal) government. In a supermarket line the other day there was a magazine announcing "Khloe and Lamar Divorcing". I asked the guy next to me who they were. Very shortly the topic was "Why aren't Americans concerned with what the NSA doing". Making a deposit in a bank with chained down pens, I commented "They expect us to trust them with our money, but won't trust us with their pens". Response "If people realizd what the government was doing to them, they wouldn't care about pens".

  • joe bernstein

    I hope he runs as a Republican so I can vote against him in the primary.I think Alan Fung would be a good Governor.Black enabled the brain damaged fool we have now to get in