Arm’s Length for the Heir During the Very Serious Pandemic (TM)

On his radio show, John DePetro mentioned that he heard the faint sound of honking horns as he sat in on Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s latest press conference on the COVID-19 situation.  The sound, he said, came from a handful of cars participating in a driving protest organized and led by Democrat Lieutenant Governor Daniel McKee.

The participants were calling for Raimondo to release more of the federal aid money to help small businesses in the state.  While that issue is important, put the specifics aside for a moment.  Also put aside any mixed feelings about the lieutenant governor’s activities.  (On one hand, he is to be applauded for not orchestrating his office as something like the Office of the First Lady at the federal level.  On the other hand, somebody with his stature and taxpayer resources really ought be having more success organizing.)

Perhaps the most important part of John DePetro’s picture is that the governor is keeping the lieutenant governor at arm’s length, and the news media hardly cares.

We’re into the tenth month of the governor’s using her 30-day emergency powers because we face this dangerous, deadly virus, and yet she’s keeping the guy who would replace her if anything happens at a greater distance than arm’s length.  If she becomes incapacitated by the dreaded coronavirus, McKee becomes governor, and yet in order to even come close to getting her attention, he has to drive his car around her press conference?

With topics like COVID-19 and climate change, one often hears conservatives say, “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.”  Well, if Governor Raimondo really thought the coronavirus represented a crisis, wouldn’t she be keeping her replacement in the loop?  And shouldn’t our guardian news media be asking why she isn’t?

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