Raimondo in Line for National Scold

WPRI reporter Ted Nesi is as apt as anybody to be slipped information from the Raimondo team (with gubernatorial and personal-promotion staff intentionally blurred), and he’s hinted at the possibility of Joseph Biden selecting Gina Raimondo as Health and Human Services secretary if he becomes the President.

That possibility would certainly shed new light on Raimondo’s approach too the pandemic — some parts of which Biden has mentioned as possibilities for his own administration.

If it comes to pass, it will be interesting to see how the governor’s presentation plays nationally.  Rhode Islanders have been disappointingly comfortable with her “Knock it off,” “you guys are disappointing me,” “it’s your fault I have to punish you” schtick.

One could see the mutually replaceable late-night hosts and Saturday Night Live eating that up as exactly the sort of adult-in-the-room posture our nation of children needs.  How it plays with the tens of millions of Americans who have a somewhat stronger view of their civil rights than Rhode Islanders is another story.

Along one foreseeable storyline, it’s plausible to see Raimondo’s COVID-queen persona defining the Democrat Party for a large segment of the population… and not in a good way.

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