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Parental Rights Alert! Laurie Gaddis Barrett & Rep. Jon Brien join us on #InTheDugout – October 17, 2023

TODAY ON OUR SHOW: Parental Rights Alert! Laurie Gaddis Barrett and Rep. Jon Brien join us. You don’t want to miss it. Plus, the latests news and views in the Ocean State!  … coming up LIVE and then always on demand.

Mail Ballot Problems Already Causing Election Integrity Issues in 3 States

Election integrity issues for November elections begin with absentee ballots Counties in California, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania have already experienced issues with absentee ballots for November elections. Originally published on October 16 on Just The News by Natalia Mittelstadt As state and local elections are set to conclude on Election Day next month, election integrity issues […]

DAILY SIGNAL: It’s ‘the Darkest Day In Israeli History,’ Ex-Envoy Says

As the war between Hamas and Israel continues, President Joe Biden is set to visit Israel on Wednesday following an invitation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday. “I think it’s important for any American president to show support for, and solidarity with, Israel in its darkest hour.I mean, this is the darkest day […]

DAILY SIGNAL: California Freelancer Says She Questioned How She Would ‘Survive’ Under This State Law

A freelance writer and editor is speaking out about the negative effects of a recent California law, saying she questioned how she was “going to survive” after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the legislation, known as AB 5. “The law … was signed … on Sept. 18, 2019, and when I woke up that morning and […]

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘If I Can Do It, You Can Do It,’ Business Owner and Navy Veteran Says

Clement Troutman, a Navy veteran and Tropical Smoothie Cafe franchisee in Maryland, says that “the free enterprise system is alive and well.” But, Troutman adds, “we need to really pursue that and go and chase those dreams.” “Because there are people waiting,” the restaurateur says. “The cures for cancer are out there, and, you know, […]

SPOOF: How “Beer” and the “Wheel” Created Today’s Political Left and Right

It All Began with Beer and the Wheel Originally posted by Flyin6 on the website Real Man Truckworks & Survivial The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel.  Beer required grain, and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor […]

Ed Bartlett on Title IX #InTheDugout – October 12, 2023

TODAY ON OUR SHOW: Dr. Ed Bartlett on the effort to bombard the Department of Education with over 240,000 comments on Title IX. Plus, the latests news and views in the Ocean State!  … coming up LIVE at 4:00 PM and then always on demand.

DAILY SIGNAL: How This Small Business Owner’s Frustrations Led Her to Serve in Public Office

Ellen Troxclair says she never intended to run for public office. She was busy growing her small real estate business in Texas, but grew frustrated by the high property taxes that were keeping buyers out of the market. Troxclair ran for public office, becoming the youngest-ever elected woman, and lone conservative, on the Austin City […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Reality of Life in Israel Right Now

For some in Israel, daily life is continuing, now set by a backdrop of war. “Rocket alert sirens will go off, and they’ll say, ‘Hold on, let me take my computer, let me go to the safe room,’” Scott Phillips said of his friends living in Israel, adding that while talking to him on video […]

R.I. Ranks Dead Last in Education Freedom Index

With most of the public now fully recognizing the devastating impact of the pandemic related schools lockdowns and mask mandates when it comes to failing student achievement … combined with the increased awareness of the un-American, radical, and inappropriate curricula and theories being pushed upon students, without parental consent, by state and local education officials, […]

Demanding Biological Integrity #InTheDugout – October 11, 2023

TODAY ON OUR SHOW: Biological Integrity and Gender Dysphoria. A national pediatric group launches a new initiative – Dr. Jill Simons, MD joins us. Plus, the latests news and views in the Ocean State!  … coming up LIVE and then always on demand.

DAILY SIGNAL: How and Why Hamas Carried Out ‘Savage Rampage’ Against Israel

The attack Hamas launched on Israel Saturday was “a genocidal savage rampage by uncontrollable militants who were simply trying to destroy Jews,” says Victoria Coates, who formerly served as a deputy national security advisor to President Donald Trump Hundreds of Israelis were killed in the initial attack and the death toll, which includes at least […]

Trouble at Narragansett High School #InTheDugout – October 10, 2023

Was a high school student repeatedly targeted because of politics? Parent Amy Rodrigues tells her story. Plus, the latests news and views in the Ocean State!


Today on #InTheDugout, XTRA INNINGS – former Presidential candidate and Cranston Mayor, Steve Laffey who not only withdrew from the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary but also withdrew from the Republican Party.

The Truth About Columbus

Originally posted by Jarrett Stepman / @JarrettStepman / October 06, 2017 Italian explorer Christopher Columbus discovered the New World and was once a universally revered figure in the United States. (Photo: Album/Fine Art Images/Newscom) Is this the last time we can celebrate Columbus Day? A wave of cities have decided to remove the holiday from the calendar and replace it with “Indigenous […]

DAILY SIGNAL: She Chose Adoption at 16, Now Tells Her Story Alongside Son and His Mother

Erin Boggs was 16 in 1992 when she learned she was pregnant. “I was scared, definitely kind of alone,” Boggs says. “So, I knew the decision was going to land on me solely, and it felt like a critically important decision.” Boggs says people around her suggested she could parent or abort, but no one […]

Cranston’s Steve Laffey Quits Presidential Race and the GOP: LIVE INTERVIEW 1:00PM Monday

Steve Laffey Ends Presidential Campaign Former Mayor of Cranston Resigns from Republican Party after 40 Years After eight months on the campaign trail, that featured campaign stops from New Hampshire to Iowa, Republican Steve Laffey is ending his bid for the Republican Presidential nomination. The former Mayor of Cranston, RI is exiting the race and […]

Nicole Solas: Find out how pornography is getting into school libraries

Libraries are supposed to select age-appropriate materials for children. Find out how pornography is getting into school libraries!

DAILY SIGNAL: Inside the Fight to Keep Parents in the Know About Their Kids’ Gender in California Schools

A Southern California school district requires teachers and staff to notify parents when their children say they have been bullied, are considering self-harm, or decide to publicly identify as a gender opposite their biological sex at school. But California’s Democratic attorney general, Rob Bonta, sued the district to block that policy, claiming that it violates […]

Justin Katz and Mail Ballot Madness #InTheDugout – October 5, 2023

Justin Katz of Anchor Rising on his bombshell story about MAIL BALLOT MADNESS SWEEPING the Ocean State. Plus, the Boomer Zoomers join us!

National Party Fights Biden Administration’s Attempt to Weaken Election Integrity

Ronna McDaniel: The RNC Is Defending Election Integrity from Biden’s DOJ Originally posted 4 Oct 2023 on Breitbart.com Since Joe Biden took office, Americans have seen time and time again that his Department of Justice has failed to live up to its name. From labeling concerned parents at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists,” to helping Hunter […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Actions Have Consequences: Crime Out of Control in US Cities

The crime map for Oakland, California, provides a telling glimpse into the reality that locals there live with on a daily basis. The colored dots indicate incidents of car thefts, assaults, drug-related crimes, robberies, and so on that have taken place in and around Oakland the previous week. The map is an indicator of what […]

DAILY SIGNAL: The Job Ahead for Next House Speaker

The removal of Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House of Representatives on Tuesday was historic, but now it’s time to talk about the future, one knowledgeable Capitol Hill watcher says. “We are at a critical juncture in this country,” says Ryan Walker, executive vice president of Heritage Action for America, an independent, nonprofit […]


TODAY ON OUR SHOW: It’s not just the looney-left that lives in the Never Never Land of Make Believe. A right-wing conspiracy theory surrounding Donald Trump is gaining steam after yesterday’s historic events in Congress … coming up LIVE at 4:00 PM and then always on demand.

DAILY SIGNAL: How Project 2025 Is Gearing Up for Next Conservative Presidential Administration

New leadership is needed in America, says Spencer Chretien, associate director of the 2025 Presidential Transition Project, also known as Project 2025. “We see every day the effects of the current administration, whether it’s the open southern border, rampant inflation, a woke and weaponized government, foreign policy disaster,” he says. “And we need new leadership […]

Sten And Larry At Bat On Today’s News #InTheDugout – October 3, 2023

More on coal powered cars, RI’s mindless assault on family budgets, Patriotism & The Bible. You don’t want to miss it. Tune in!

DAILY SIGNAL: Government Keeps Lights on as Spending Fight Continues. What Happens Next?

Congress has averted a government shutdown—for now. The continuing resolution passed Saturday keeps government agencies funded at current levels until Nov. 17. The bill passed 335-91 in the House and 88-9 in the Senate. But it’s a short-term fix, and lawmakers remain on a tight deadline to finish passing 12 annual appropriations bills. Republicans continue […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Steve McKee: ‘If You Don’t Like Where You Are, You Can Always Initiate a New Turn’

All of us encounter twists and turns every day—whether in our personal lives or at work. Steve McKee’s new book “Turns: Where Business Is Won and Lost” offers a guide for which turns to take to live a better life. McKee, co-founder of the McKee Wallwork marketing agency in New Mexico and author of several […]

Discussing Goal’s 2A Freedom Celebration #SISTERSINARMS – September 28, 2023

TODAY ON OUR SHOW: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. We’re discussing Goal’s 2A Freedom Celebration event & importance of advocating! You don’t want to miss it. Tune in! … coming up LIVE at 5:15 PM and then always on demand.

Rhode Island’s Political Supremacists #InTheDugout – September 28, 2023

Political Supremacists – Gov McKee, Senator Whitehouse, and RIDE commish AIG included – and the their blind adherence to false narratives.

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