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A Message to Rhode Island Lawmakers on RIDE standards

In 2019, the Rhode Island General Assembly passed enabling legislation that empowered the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) to develop curricula for various subjects that would be pushed down to every school district in the state … in essence, removing authority from local school districts and, instead, granting near-absolute power to RIDE to mandate what […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Why Your Tax Refund Could Be Smaller This Year

It’s that time of the year once again: tax season. Although the process of filing an income tax return is often arduous, the hope of a sizable refund from the IRS removes a little pain from the ordeal. But with an economy such as the one we have right now, Preston Brashers, a senior policy […]

MAJOR REPORT: Taken for a RIDE #InTheDugout – February 2, 2023

WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR KIDS? RIDE Social Studies Standards teach radical activism instead of America’s birthright of liberty

EXTRA INNINGS: Ramona Bessinger… the actual & SHOCKING lesson plans

See the Rhode Island Department of Education plans to poison kids’ minds on #InTheDugout … Sten’s interview with Ramona Bessinger; the actual & SHOCKING lesson plans: -Condom instructions? -All to be HIDDEN from parents?

DAILY SIGNAL: Doritos, Coke, and Morning-After Pills All Available From This College’s Vending Machines

Running to a vending machine at 2 a.m. for a Coke or a Snickers bar is a normal experience for any college student, especially during finals week. But food and drink aren’t the only things students can get out of a vending machine now, at least at George Washington University in the nation’s capital. GWU […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Anthony Fauci Symbolizes ‘Weaponization of Loneliness,’ Former CIA Analyst Says

Tyrants gain control through weaponizing the fear of loneliness, author and former CIA analyst Stella Morabito says. In America, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the omnipresent voice of the COVID-19 pandemic, is one example of this, she says. “I believe that he symbolizes for our era the weaponization of loneliness,” Morabito, a senior contributor at The Federalist, […]

PARENT ALERT! How RI Department Of Education Plans To Poison Kids’ Minds #InTheDugout – February 1, 2023

How Department of Education plans to poison kids’ minds, Sten’s interview with Ramona Bessinger; the actual & SHOCKING lesson plan. Plus, IWF-RI!

DAILY SIGNAL: Rookie Georgia Police Officer Explains Why He Resigned After Pushback Over Views on Traditional Marriage

What are you willing to give up to stand by your religious convictions? That’s a question Jacob Kersey did not anticipate having to ask himself at the age of 19. Kersey was excited to be a new officer with the police department in Port Wentworth, Georgia, a town of about 12,000 near Savannah.He says everything […]

Dems are now eating their own #InTheDugout – January 31, 2023

As predicted, Dems are now eating their own, and RIPEC President on RI’s stagnant economy. Plus, Dr. Andrew Bostom is BACK, Brown U health tyrant is OUT!

Texas Chaplain Fired for Personal Post against Gender-Denying Athletes

The cancel-culture woke left has struck again. This time the gender-denying political supremacists at a government-run fire department fired its chaplain for expressing the truth and his personal opinion on his own – private – blog. The story below is from the Alliance Defending Freedom …  Dr. Andrew Fox’s mainstream Christian views weren’t acceptable to […]

DAILY SIGNAL: ESG Is ‘Terrifying,’ ‘Problematic’ Concept in Investing. Author-Financial Adviser Vivek Ramaswamy Explains Why.

Conservatives have been sounding the alarm over the use of environmental, social, and governance policies as they relate to investments, particularly for private and public pension funds. But, what exactly is ESG? According to Vivek Ramaswamy, co-founder of Strive Asset Management, “ESG refers to the use of dollars—including your dollars—to advance environmental or social goals, […]

Is “Mayor Steve” Laffey running for President? #InTheDugout – January 30, 2023

News and Views to turn the tide! Is former Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey running for President? Plus, legal perspective on the disturbing Mt Pleasant HS “Coyote” incident

Ramona Bessinger to Conduct Informational Forum for Parents

Ramona Bessinger, the Providence “whistle-blower” teacher who was suspended for truthfully raising awareness about divisive and inappropriate school curricula, along with co-leaders of the RI Chapter of the Independent Women’s Network, Geeta Chougule and Jean Lehane, will provide more information about their upcoming parents’ forum … as guests on In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse, […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Mom Explains What It Took to Rescue Daughter From Transgenderism

Erin Friday’s daughter was introduced to gender identity ideology in a comprehensive sex-ed class in seventh grade. “The seed was planted after that class,” Friday says. “And in fact, all of her friends, there were five, sat in my front yard saying what their new labels were.” Friday says she was “alarmed by the language […]

The Left won’t stop until it has dictated what you drive, where you live, and how you cook

Originally published in the Wall Street Journal, January 26 by Kimberley A. Strassel, as: The Campaign to Ban Gas Stoves Biden and the media deny it exists, but the effort is calculated and well-funded. Don’t believe for a second Consumer Product Safety Commission member Richard Trumka Jr.’s slippery claim that they aren’t coming for your […]

DAILY SIGNAL: The Debt Ceiling Debate, Explained

The debt ceiling fight continues in Washington, more than a week after the U.S. hit its legislated debt limit of $31.4 trillion. “The Treasury Department has hit the federal borrowing limit at $31.4 trillion, and they’re going to be able to use cash-management techniques to be able to extend what we call the ‘X date’ […]

The Left’s Dark Money Scheme #InTheDugout – January 26, 2023

Fair Elections RI on the left’s dark money scheme to influence elections…Plus, the Boomer Zoomers join us! 

Did RI Illicitly Gain Its Second US Congressional Seat?

EDITOR’S NOTE: It was publicly admitted by the United States Department of Commerce, under the direction of former Governor Gina Raimondo, that under its auspices, the 2020 US Census miscalculations wrongly apportioned to the state of Rhode Island an extra, undeserved seat in the US House of Representatives.  But was their more at play than […]

DAILY SIGNAL: New Documentary Exposes Disney’s Pro-Sexualization, Anti-Nuclear Family Agenda

The magic of Disney is fading, according to the president of the Catholic League. Disney has adopted a woke “idea of diversity, which sounds innocuous on the face of it, [but] is really an agenda to divide people,” Bill Donohue says. “And that’s what they’re doing. They’re dividing people on the basis of family, on […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Senators Quote Taylor Swift Lyrics While Grilling Ticketmaster

Republican and Democratic senators alike tore into Ticketmaster on Tuesday after the company’s dominance in the ticketing industry created “bad blood” with singer Taylor Swift’s fans. The Senate Judiciary Committee debated possible actions to prevent ticket-sale calamities like the one that beset Swift’s “Eras” tour that left fans waiting in digital lines for hours. While […]


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH CLAY JOHNSON from CHARIHO… Coming up LIVE at 4:00pm! Explains his team’s budget and curricula priorities, plus guests LOUISE DINSMORE & PASTOR STALL

DAILY SIGNAL: Why Special Counsel Should Expand Probe to Penn Biden Center’s China Ties

President Joe Biden has had a difficult time explaining the increasing number of classified documents found at his home and at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank in the nation’s capital established in coordination with the University of Pennsylvania. The National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group, first flagged the fact that […]

NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL CONTAGION #InTheDugout – January 24, 2023

Legal analysis on lawsuit in Chariho. Plus, Sten’s interview with psychologist on NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL CONTAGION!

Pro-Abortion Arguments Parallel Pro-Slavery Arguments

Originally published January 24 by Erick-Woods Erickson as … The Arguments of Abortion Are the Arguments For Slavery It is actually remarkable that one of the things conservatism has preserved the best in the United States is a culture of life.  Just as secular liberals have had to rebrand again as progressives since people stopped […]

DAILY SIGNAL: American History Crisis: Most High Schoolers Flunked US Citizenship Test. They’re Now Adults.

Americans’ lack of historical knowledge is crippling the nation, says Timothy Goeglein, a senior official with the Christian group Focus on the Family. In his new book “Toward a More Perfect Union: The Moral and Cultural Case for Teaching the Great American Story,” Goeglein discusses a survey conducted among public high school students that revealed […]

PARENT ALERT! Legal fight & political drama in Chariho #InTheDugout – January 23, 2023

Legal fight and political drama in Chariho … Woke elitists refuse to cede school committee control, tax bills & parent rights at stake. Judge Flanders and two guests join Sten

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘This Is a Crisis’: Why Americans Should Care About China’s Shrinking Population

For the first time in six decades, the most populous country in the world has a shrinking population. Michael Cunningham, a research fellow in the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation, says “this is a crisis that’s been decades in the making” and it will likely shock the global economy. (The Daily Signal is […]

Center co-Signs Letter to Congress to Protect Women’s Sports & “Stop the Weaponization of Title IX”

The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity and its CEO, Mike Stenhouse, today co-signed a letter to Congress expressing its opposition to the Biden Administration’s proposed changes the Title IX rule that helped elevate women’s sports to equality with men. Ironically, the proposed rule changes, which include mandating that biological males can compete in female […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Abortion ‘Fight Is Far From Over,’ Pro-Life Activist Says

Today, Jan. 20, marks the first March for Life in Washington since theSupreme Court overturned its 1973Roe v. Wadedecision last June. The Rev. Dean Nelson, executive director of Human Coalition Action, shares what he thinks is next for the pro-life movement. “I think that the key strategy moving forward is, really, for a unified national […]


MUST SEE – author SARAH MOORE on her book and whether age-inappropriate school teaching can harm children’s emotional growth?

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