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DAILY SIGNAL: Fact Check: Is Climate Change Really Causing More Frequent or More Severe Hurricanes?

Every year at this time, when hurricane season rolls around, corporate media start pumping out headlines linking the severity of hurricanes to climate change. But is there causation or correlation? And if changes in the climate do affect hurricanes, is it in the way climate activists claim? Climatologist David Legates says, “[If] we have colder […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Ex-NFL Star Ben Watson Offers Antidote to Abortion

If the number of marriages increased in America, the number of abortions would likely decrease, statistics show. The Pew Research Center reported that in 2021, 87% of women who had abortions were unmarried, meaning that “marriage can make a huge difference if 87% of abortion-determined women are not married,” says pro-life advocate Ben Watson, a […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Supreme Court Rules Abortion Pill Case Does Not Have Standing. What Happens Now?

The Supreme Court issued a ruling Wednesday that was disappointing news to many in the pro-life movement.The high court ruled unanimously that pro-life doctors do not have legal grounds to challenge the Food and Drug Administration for removing safety restrictions on abortion drugs. Sarah Parshall Perry, Heritage Foundation senior legal fellow, joined “The Daily Signal […]

DAILY SIGNAL: I Found the Young Men—They’re Listening to Jordan Peterson

I have never seen anyone deliver a speech quite like Jordan Peterson. Pacing across the stage, Peterson addressed the crowd seated in Constitution Hall in D.C. on Monday night for just over an hour. His eyes were closed, or nearly closed, for the majority of his speech—seemingly allowing the modern philosopher to avert distraction and […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Oklahoma State Treasurer Leads Fight Against ESG

Oklahoma has taken center stage in the fight against environmental, social, and governance policies, and the man leading the charge is state Treasurer Todd Russ. Russ was in Washington, D.C., this week and visited The Daily Signal to share an update on his efforts to combat the ESG agenda. Oklahoma enacted the Energy Discrimination Elimination […]

Bob Chiaradio Brings Truth To Narragansett, RI School Committee Regarding Transgenders In Spaces Risking Harm To Female Students

Witness Bob Chiaradio’s powerful address to the Narragansett, RI School Committee as he brings critical truths about transgender policies and their potential risks to female students. In this compelling video, Bob outlines his concerns over the safety and well-being of female students in shared spaces, urging the committee to reconsider their stance on these guidelines.

Bob Chiaradio Continues His Statewide Tour Bringing Truths Of Title IX Transgender Rewrite And Bad Rhode Island Department of Education Guidance To East Greenwich School Committee

Join Bob Chiaradio on his relentless mission across Rhode Island as he addresses the Barrington School Committee, clarifying that RIDE’s transgender policy is not law but merely maligned guidance. In this compelling video, Bob educates the committee members on the legal distinctions and implications of the policy, urging them to reconsider their stance for the safety and well-being of all students.

DAILY SIGNAL: Why Hunter Biden Case Smells Strongly of ‘Corruption’

Hunter Biden has been found guilty on all three of the felony charges he faced, but the case, according to Mike Howell, smells of “corruption.” “What’s happening with Hunter [Biden] is essentially they picked the lowest level thing that didn’t connect to [President] Joe [Biden], the thing they could paint in the light of addiction, […]


Rhode Island’s ruling class has flooded our state with tidal wave after tidal wave of extremist policies that threaten the prosperity and security of working-class families. Is a PEOPLE’S CONVENTION the answer for solving the real problems of Ocean State Families? Tune in as Sten Reacts to this bold idea for saving the Ocean State!

DAILY SIGNAL: European Parliament Elections Likely to Make Biden ‘Very Nervous’

The European Union may have just taken a big step to the political right, and the Biden administration should take note, Nile Gardiner says.  “I think that the Biden White House is going to be very nervous, looking at the results in Europe, because European voters have overwhelmingly turned against a lot of the left-wing […]

Bob Chiaradio Continues His RI Statewide Mission Educating Barrington School Committee That RIDE’s Transgender Policy Is Not Law But Only Maligned Guidance

Join Bob Chiaradio on his relentless mission across Rhode Island as he addresses the Barrington School Committee, clarifying that RIDE’s transgender policy is not law but merely maligned guidance. In this compelling video, Bob educates the committee members on the legal distinctions and implications of the policy, urging them to reconsider their stance for the safety and well-being of all students.

DAILY SIGNAL: DEI Is Being Ditched. Here’s Why.

Some universities are repealing and replacing their diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.  At the end of May, the University of North Carolina system voted to repeal and replace its DEI policy for a new policy that “aims to ensure efforts to support students on UNC System campuses do not infringe on academic freedom, equal opportunity, […]

Ronald Reagan’s D-Day Address from 1984

We’re here to mark that day in history when the Allied armies joined in battle to reclaim this continent to liberty. For four long years, much of Europe had been under a terrible shadow. Free nations had fallen, Jews cried out in the camps, millions cried out for liberation. Europe was enslaved and the world […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Miami Aims for ‘Functional Zero’ Homeless Population. Mayor Francis Suarez Explains How.

The mayor of Miami has an ambitious goal—to reach a “functional zero” homeless population within his bustling city. “We reached functional zero veteran homeless, and I realized … that we could, we should, take it a step further and get to a functional zero,” says Mayor Francis Suarez, a Republican who leads Florida’s second-biggest city. […]

DAILY SIGNAL: She Grew Up ‘Careening Between a Third World and a First World Existence.’ Carrie Sheffield Shares Her Shocking Childhood.

Carrie Sheffield is known within conservative journalism circles as a talented columnist and broadcaster. She is a graduate of Harvard University and a senior policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, but many who have followed Sheffield’s work were surprised to learn of her harrowing childhood, detailed in her new memoir. Growing up, Sheffield attended […]

Wuhan Wednesday: Doc Skoly First Circuit Appeal Denied #InTheDugout – June 5, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

ON THIS EPISODE OF #INTHEDUGOUT: We know that the LEFT engages in LAWFARE against its political opponents. Now, the legal appeal of our Center’s Chairman, Dr. Stephen Skoly, was DENIED JUSTICE by three judges in the US First Circuit Court in Boston. Doc took a courageous stand against un-American mandates and risked his career for you.  The LEFT did not want his lawsuit to proceed against the corrupt RI Department of Health. Doc joins us, you don’t want to miss this episode. Tune in!

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘You Need to Make Your Products Safe for Kids,’ Tennessee AG Demands of Social Media Giants

Instagram’s parent company, Meta, knew the harm the platform was inflicting on minors and did nothing to mitigate it, according to a lawsuit filed against the social media giant.  In 2023, Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti filed a lawsuit against Meta Platforms Inc., calling on the company to prioritize the protection of minors. “Over about […]


It’s time for a new episode of STEN REACTS! In this installment, Sten reacts to a compelling video of Ray Rickman discussing the American Flag. This is a perfect patriotic message as we approach the Fourth of July season. Tune in as Sten offers his unique perspective on the forces shaping our nation today. Don’t miss out – press play now and join the conversation!

DAILY SIGNAL: Looking Back, Moving Forward: What Future Holds for The Daily Signal

The Heritage Foundation founded The Daily Signal 10 years ago this week, seeking to fill a void in media at a time when few conservative news outlets existed. A decade later, the Washington, D.C.-based news outlet is entering a new chapter and aiming to expand its influence.  “We are so excited that with the blessing […]

Bob Chiaradio Brings The Heat To North Kingstown, RI School Committee Over Their Acceptance Of RIDE’s Harmful Transgender Guidance Making Females Unsafe

Watch as Bob Chiaradio passionately addresses the North Kingstown, RI School Committee, challenging their acceptance of RIDE’s controversial transgender guidance. Bob delivers a powerful speech, highlighting concerns over female safety and questioning the committee’s decisions. This video captures the heated moments and critical points of debate surrounding this sensitive issue. Don’t miss this compelling confrontation as Bob stands up for student safety and accountability!

DAILY SIGNAL: Yes, Trump Could Be Elected President From Prison

A Manhattan jury found former President Donald Trump guilty Thursday on 34 counts related to falsifying business records supposedly to cover up “hush money” payments to porn star Stormy Daniels. Now, Trump could face prison time. Judge Juan Merchan will issue Trump’s sentence on July 11. So, what happens between now and the sentencing? And […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Illegal Immigration Has Created ‘High Threat Level’ for Terrorist Attack in US, Expert Says

America is facing a “high threat level” for a terrorist attack because of the crisis at the southern border, says the head of a group working to curb illegal immigration. “It does not take a lot of people to inflict an extraordinary amount of damage,” said Julie Kirchner, executive director for the Federation for American […]

DAILY SIGNAL: 5 Americans Remain Hostages in Gaza. Does Biden Have a Plan to Bring Them Home?

About 120 hostages, five of them Americans, are believed still held by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip adjoining Israel since Oct. 7. One American, Edan Alexander, turned 20 in captivity on Dec. 29. Before he was taken hostage by Hamas, his mother Yael Alexander told her son that she loved him and to be […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How ‘Faith and Reason Can Win the Culture War’

Unlikely alliances are forming across America as Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox Jews, classic liberals, and traditional conservatives are all troubled by a spreading political ideology that has abandoned reason, the author of a new book on the subject says. Americans are seeing a contingent on the Left that “has gone completely mad,” says Jay Richards, co-author […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Former Prosecutor Assesses Jury Deliberation in Trump’s Criminal Trial

The jury in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan began deliberations Wednesday after closing arguments. The 12-member jury is tasked with determining whether to convict or acquit Trump on the 34 charges he faces. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged Trump with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in relation to an […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Defeating the Radical Left: Chris Rufo Talks Strategy and Resilience

Chris Rufo wrote “America’s Cultural Revolution” last year as a warning to conservatives about the radical Left‘s takeover of institutions—from business and government to education and entertainment. In addition to being an exposé, it also served as a call to action. Now, a year later, Rufo is optimistic that Americans, including some to left of […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Chris Rufo’s Quest to Abolish DEI

Chris Rufo was in Washington, D.C., last week to accept The Heritage Foundation’s prestigious Salvatori Prize and visited The Daily Signal to share his thoughts on a range of topics. Over the next two days, we will feature his interview on our podcast. For part one today, we cover Rufo’s recent reporting on NPR and […]

Bob Chiaradio Educates Exeter-West Greenwich, RI School Committee That Biden’s Transgender Title IX Rewrite And RIDE’s Guidance Is Not Legally Binding

Watch now as Bob Chiaradio educates the Exeter-West Greenwich, RI School Committee on the recent changes to Title IX proposed by the Biden administration and the Rhode Island Department of Education’s (RIDE) guidance on transgender student rights.

DAILY SIGNAL: Her Husband Paid the Ultimate Sacrifice in Service to America

Audri Beugelsdijk had been married for less than 11 weeks when she received a visit from a casualty officer. Her husband has been lost at sea on the USS Kinkaid.  “It’s just the last thing that you could imagine happening and it just turned my world upside down,” Beugelsdijk says. Beugelsdijk and her husband Jason […]

Bob Chiaradio Speaks To Coventry, RI School Committee On Their Version Of Title IX Transgender Policy Which Aligns With Biden And RIDE With A Snitch Clause

Bob Chiaradio Speaks To Coventry, RI School Committee On Their Version Of Title IX Transgender Policy Which Aligns With Biden And RIDE With A Snitch Clause

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