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DAILY SIGNAL: ‘Their Aspiration Is World Domination’: Retired Israeli General Breaks Down the Threat of a Nuclear Iran

ORLANDO, Fla.—Israel recently celebrated its 75th anniversary, and many Jews and Christians see the state’s existence as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy, but a former Israeli general also raised the alarm about the growing threats from Iran and its allies in the East. “Things have changed dramatically in the last year,” Amir Avivi, a retired […]

Is The American Library Association Advancing A Marxist Agenda? #INTHEDUGOUT – June 1, 2023

Is the American Library Association (ALA) a co-conspirator in advancing a Marxist agenda?

DAILY SIGNAL: New York Wedding Photographer Won’t Share Her Beliefs About Marriage Because Speaking Out Could Put Her in Jail

ORLANDO, Fla.—Emilee Carpenter, a Christian wedding photographer, had to turn to her lawyer when asked about her religious beliefs about marriage because New York law prevents her from speaking about those beliefs in conjunction with her business. “So New York’s law is actually so severe, I think I need to pass this over to my […]

DAILY SIGNAL: 11 Months After Demise of Roe v. Wade, These 25 States Aim to Protect Life

Life is now protected in half of the 50 states. “Twenty-five states now have laws to protect life between conception and 12 weeks,” pro-life activist Marjorie Dannenfelser says. “Not even a full year after Dobbs, the pro-life movement can celebrate that we are at the halfway point in the states, thanks to the incredible momentum […]

DAILY SIGNAL: GOP Presidential Candidates Head to Iowa for Sen. Joni Ernst’s Annual Roast and Ride

It’s not every day there is an opportunity to ride a motorcycle alongside a U.S. senator, but on June 3, hundreds of Americans will do just that. Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, is hosting her annual Roast and Ride Saturday. Motorcyclists are invited to join Ernst in a ride to the Iowa State Fairgrounds to enjoy […]

Wuhan Wednesday: Vaccine Research the CDC Refuses to Conduct #INTHEDUGOUT – May 31, 2023

It is Wuhan Wednesday! Learn about the independent vaccine research the CDC refuses to conduct.

DAILY SIGNAL: Christian Professor Who Nearly Got Fired for ‘Wrong’ Thinking on LGBT Issues Now Leads Campus Ministry

ORLANDO, Fla.—A Christian former professor who nearly got fired for ostensibly creating a “suicidal environment” for LGBT students in the classroom is now running an organization dedicated to helping college students maintain their faith in a hostile environment. “We’ve moved beyond, in this country and especially at universities, free speech,” Corey Miller, president and CEO […]

Copperfield’s Burger & Beer House #TuesdaysWithTanya – May 30, 2023

Tuesday’s With Tanya is a podcast series hosted by Tanya Signore on the Ocean State Current YouTube channel. The show interviews interesting people who have something to say about Rhode Island, so be sure to tune in and hear what everyone is talking about–you never know who might be on the show next!

Citizen or SERF? The Choice Is Yours! #INTHEDUGOUT – May 30, 2023

CITIZEN OR SERF? True patriots secure and preserve liberty in one nation under God.

DAILY SIGNAL: The Left’s Redefinition of Words Leads to Totalitarianism, Homeschooling Leader Warns

ORLANDO, Fla.—The Left’s tendency to redefine words to silence dissent is a clear tactic of totalitarianism, and conservatives need to fight back, a prominent conservative leader warns. “They play with words. They played with the word ‘marriage.’ Now, they’re playing with the words ‘man’ and ‘woman,’” and that “ultimately leads to totalitarianism,” Michael Farris, founder […]

DAILY SIGNAL: The Fight to Prevent Veteran Suicide

The return to civilian life can be an extreme challenge for men and women who have served in the military, veteran Jim Lorraine says. “What you have to understand, when you move from the military back into the civilian world, you’re really not just changing a job, you’re changing a culture,” explains Lorraine, president of […]

DAILY SIGNAL: The Left’s Assault on the Goodness of America Is an Assault on God, Sen. Josh Hawley Says

ORLANDO, Fla.—The Left has rejected America’s “ancient faith” and this spiritual component is the pinnacle of its nefarious agenda, Sen. Josh Hawley warned. “Their assault on the goodness of America is an assault on God,” Hawley, R-Mo., declared at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in a speech Wednesday evening. Hawley outlined three major threats the […]

Stacey Cappizano #ProvidenceLyceum – May 25, 2023

The Providence Lyceum Interview Series offers unique insight into the minds behind efforts to make our state a better place.


News and views to turn the tide! Watch it live now or on demand only on the Ocean State Current.

DAILY SIGNAL: Where Ukraine-Russia War Stands After 15 Months

It’s now been 15 months since Russia invaded Ukraine. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian military personnel have been killed. And now, it appears that Russia has succeeded in taking what is left of the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut after months of intense fighting. As Ukraine prepares to launch its anticipated spring offensive, President […]

Wuhan Wednesday: Data Research Expert’s Shocking Covid Findings #INTHEDUGOUT – May 24, 2023

It is Wuhan Wednesday! Researcher Bobby Bounds will make you question everything you thought you knew about COVID


IT IS TIME TO CHOOSE! Alex Nester of Parents Defending Education and Laurie Gaddis Barrett join us.

Whitlock: Jim Brown, Unlike Bill Russell, was a Real Man & Hero

Originally published by Jason Whitlock, as: Unlike his peers and successors, Jim Brown refused to sell out Jim Brown never sold out. That’s his legacy. He couldn’t be bought or compromised. He epitomized the kind of masculinity America now rejects as toxic. Brown, 87, died on Friday. People will struggle to accurately define him. He’s […]

DAILY SIGNAL: LifeWise Academy Brings Bible-based Education to Public School Students During School Hours

Bethany Sanidad, a mom from Ohio, credits LifeWise Academy with changing her son Christian’s life—and by extension her whole family’s outlook on faith. “I imagine Christian and his family sitting in church one day and thinking it all started with LifeWise,” Sanidad told The Daily Signal. “If we didn’t have LifeWise offered, we wouldn’t be […]


Taking the arrows for freedom! Sten reacts to the EcoRI CLIMATE ALARMISTS hit piece on the Center.

Sten Reacts to EcoRI’s Hit Piece on the Center (WATCH)

In this episode of Sten Reacts, he responds to the EcoRI hit piece against the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity.

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘Let’s Take the Fight to Them’: Why This Legal Group Keeps Suing Biden Administration

An organization called America First Legal has filed at least two dozen lawsuits against the Biden administration. “We need to fight for the American people, advance conservative principles, and be there to really make a difference,” Gene Hamilton, vice president and general counsel for America First Legal, says. Hamilton served as counselor to the attorney […]

Ancora Mobile Ultrasound Banquet Thursday May 25th

What do you do when at eighteen you find yourself addicted to drugs and alcohol, and find out you’re pregnant?

Must See Interview! NJ Moms Targeted and Sued

These Brave NJ MOMS are under fire for protecting their children; Christina Balestriere and Kristen Cobo tell us their story.

Portsmouth rally Island Pak Beach #ProvidenceLyceum – May 18, 2023

The Providence Lyceum Interview Series offers unique insight into the minds behind efforts to make our state a better place.


Brave MOMS are under fire for protecting the best interest of their children; Christina Balestriere and Kristen Cobo join us to tell their story. 

Fed: $15 Minimum Wage in Minneapolis Cost Jobs

EDITOR’S NOTE: Twin Cities Experiment Again Proves that Higher Minimum Wage Leads to Higher Unemployment . Cities all over the country are mandating that businesses raise their minimum wages. The claim is that minimum wages of $15, $20, or even $25 an hour are necessary for families to make ends meet. But studies have shown that minimum […]

“Right To Live” Compromised by Covid $$$ and the “Hospital Death Protocol”

By Stella Paul. Originally published by the Brownstone Institute, May 17, 2023 as: The Hospital Protocol Killed Their Loved Ones and They Want Justice When the federal government sent $9,000 to Patty Myers to pay for her husband’s funeral, she got angry. “I didn’t want to take a penny. It felt like hush money, like […]

DAILY SIGNAL: How Forge Leadership Network Is Training, Mentoring Young Conservatives

Adam Josefczyk, the co-founder and president of the Forge Leadership Network, says the network, which was founded in 2015, “exists to mentor, train, and connect the next generation of conservative leaders” who are 18 to 25 years old. “We equip them in timeless principles, practical skills, and the legislative process in order to help them […]

A Very Happy Wuhan Wednesday on #InTheDugout – May 17, 2023

Happy Wuhan Wednesday! Government NOT representative of the people’s will!

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