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TRIPLEDEMIC HOAX? #InTheDugout – December 21, 2022

Tripledemic hoax? Dr. Bostom joins us… Nearly two-thirds of America don’t trust the media. Plus, Rhode Island’s next big shortages!

DAILY SIGNAL: Biden Administration ‘Intentionally Unsecured’ Border for ‘Perceived Political Benefit,’ Mark Morgan Says

The Biden administration “intentionally unsecured” the southern border because “they see a perceived political benefit from open borders,” according to Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Morgan, now a visiting fellow in The Heritage Foundation’s Border Security and Immigration Center, says President Joe Biden has what he needs to secure […]

PARENT ALERT: Westerly & Chariho in a war of words #InTheDugout – December 20, 2022

PARENT ALERT: Hit piece on ParentsUnitedRI sparks WAR OF OPEDS in Westerly & Chariho, Robert Chiaradio joins us. RIDE’s SPECTACULAR FAILURES!

OPINION: Divisive K-12 Curricula to Blame for RI’s Failing Proficiency Scores?

by Bob Chiaradio from Westerly, RI Last Friday, RIDE released the 2022 district LEA scores for ELA, Math, and Science, and they were not pretty. Overall: 60% of those tested were NOT proficient in ELA, 67.2% were NOT proficient in Math, and 62.9% were not proficient in Science This comes out to an overall proficiency […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Rep. Kevin Hern Slams ‘Monstrous’ Spending Bill as Deadline Approaches

As the clock ticks toward the new year, Congress is racing to pass funding for the government for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1 “Well, I was a no vote last week. I think we need to be doing our work. It’s amazing to me that the Democrats have been in control of the […]

News Stranger Than Fiction & The Future of Crypto #InTheDugout – December 19, 2022

Big show: High capacity ban now in place, Deja Vu all over again … TRIPLE-DEMIC, Our CRYPTO-Expert Kade Almendinger returns!

William Haupt III: Why progressives fear Elon Musk

Progressives loved Elon Musk when he was filling their election coffers with thousands of dollars so they would help grow his electric car company.

DAILY SIGNAL: How This Mother Rescued Her Daughter From Woke ‘Cult’ After College Indoctrination

Annabella Rockwell was thrilled when she learned she had been accepted at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, the oldest women’s college in America. “I was so excited,” Rockwell said. “I was so eager to learn.” But the more she learned in her college classes, the more her joyful personality waned, her mother says. By junior […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Rep. Michael Guest ‘Very Optimistic’ Bill to Address Fentanyl Crisis Will Receive Democrat Support

In fiscal year 2022, Customs and Border Protection seized more than 14,000 pounds of fentanyl. The lethal opioid drug has become a leading cause of death in adults ages 18-45. “The fentanyl seizures continue to increase, each fiscal year, and we know that of those seizures, we’re probably only apprehending 5% to 10% of the […]

Teachers and Constitutional Rights Under Assault from the left #InTheDugout – December 15, 2022

TWO LAWSUITS by TWO teachers FIRED for exercising their liberties; Federal court upholds RI’s unconstitutional magazine capacity law

DAILY SIGNAL: Here’s Why TikTok’s Days in America May Be Winding Down

Congressional lawmakers introduced bipartisan legislation Tuesday aimed at banning the social media app TikTok nationwide. “TikTok is digital fentanyl that’s addicting Americans, collecting troves of their data, and censoring their news,” Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., said in a press release. “It’s also an increasingly powerful media company that’s owned by ByteDance, which ultimately reports to […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Teacher Sues Ohio School District After Being Fired for Refusing to Use Preferred Pronouns

Ohio middle school English teacher Vivian Geraghty lost her job in August when she refused to call two students by new names and preferred personal pronouns. Geraghty was informed in August that two of her students were beginning to “socially transition” to another gender. A school counselor emailed Geraghty and several other teachers with instructions […]

Millennial Spotlight on #InTheDugout – December 14, 2022

#InTheDugout Podcast is the perfect show for you! Our host, Sten, interviews interesting people who have something to say about the Ocean State.

DAILY SIGNAL: Lesson Biden Administration Should Take From Sam Brinton Fiasco: Put Competence Before Identity 

LGBT activist and Biden administration official Sam Brinton no longer is an employee of the Energy Department. The news came Monday after Brinton, who identifies as nonbinary and gender-fluid, was accused in recent days of stealing two suitcases—one each from airports in Las Vegas and Minneapolis-St. Paul. It wasn’t clear whether Brinton, 35, was fired […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Virginia Pregnancy Center 1 of Many Waiting on FBI for Justice in Jane’s Revenge Attacks

It has been over five months since vandals attacked Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Lynchburg, Virginia, shattering windows and spray-painting a threatening message outside the building. No arrests have been announced.   The radical pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge took credit for the attack, which occurred the night after the Supreme Court issued its June 24 ruling […]

THE DANCING COP on #InTheDugout – December 13, 2022

One of RI’s most beloved icons – THE DANCING COP – Tony Lepore – joins Sten for an XTRA Innings exclusive #InTheDugout interview.

DAILY SIGNAL: What You Need to Know About Europe’s Energy Crisis This Winter

Colder temperatures are just around the corner in Europe as many people there brace for an energy crisis this winter. “Well, the latest is that temperatures are dropping in Europe, prices of electricity and other heating fuels have quadrupled, and it’s very difficult for people to afford these high prices,” says Diana Furchtgott-Roth, director of […]

A World Gone MAD! #InTheDugout – December 12, 2022

A world gone mad! It’s everywhere: Mafia, IRS, Trans, Woke, Cancel Culture, Political, Covid PLUS Second Amendment MADNESS

American Birthright Leader: RIDE’s new SOCIAL STUDIES standards critiqued as “woke” & “politicized”

American Birthright Leader: RIDE’s new SOCIAL STUDIES standards critiqued as “woke” & “politicized”

DAILY SIGNAL: The Chinese Communist Party’s Alleged Influence on College Campuses, Explained

As students head to college each semester, the influence of the Chinese Communist Party on their campus is an unlikely point of discussion. However, John Metz, the president of the Athenai Institute, said his group is “committed to removing the influence of the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party from U.S. college campuses.” Metz […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Doctors Sue FDA, Saying Agency Illegally Approved Chemical Abortion Drugs

A group of medical doctors and organizations argues that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration illegally approved chemical abortion drugs, and has filed a lawsuit to remove such pills form the market. “We believe that women should be empowered with accurate information, and what we’ve seen in this chemical abortion push is deception from square […]

HAVE WE FORGOTTEN WHAT A CHILD IS? #InTheDugout – December 8, 2022

HAVE WE FORGOTTEN WHAT A CHILD IS? PARENTS vindicated by VA Grand Jury… Dr. BOSTOM rips prisoner swap

DAILY SIGNAL: Root Cause of Human Trafficking Is ‘Individuals Who Decide to Exploit’ Vulnerable People, Expert Says

Today, there are believed to be more people trapped in slavery than at any other time in history. These are individuals who are victims of sex trafficking and forced labor. They are women, men, and children. There are “27.6 million people [who] are estimated to be victims of trafficking,” John Richmond, the former U.S. ambassador […]

OCEAN STATE! Take Your Child’s Education Back #InTheDugout – December 7, 2022

OCEAN STATE! WINS for Parents & Soldiers, Alex Nester from PARENTS DEFENDING EDUCATION discusses their lawsuit victory

RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity Signs Letter to US House Judiciary to Oppose Title IX Rule Changes

The national coalition letter below, which was emailed yesterday to Rep. Jim Jordan, was co-signed by the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity along with 69 other national and state organizations. The letter requests that Report Language be added to the Department of Education Appropriations Bill that would bar the DOE from making proposed changes to […]

DAILY SIGNAL: The Supreme Court Is Considering 2 College Admissions Cases. Here’s What You Need to Know.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s many cases this term include two that pertain to affirmative action in college admissions. The justices of the nation’s highest court heard arguments for about five hours Oct. 31 in the cases. One is Students for Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College; the other is Students for Fair […]

History REPEATS itself? Ocean State, tune into #InTheDugout – December 6, 2022

Sten’s Gettyburg Redux … What’s STRANGER THAN THE NEWS? … SCOTUS: “Gay” or “Religious” rights; Ocean State REPARATIONS

GOVERNMENT LIES EXPOSED #InTheDugout – December 5, 2022

Rhode Island! Sten bats solo to analyze the MAJOR news from the weekend: Government LIES exposed, the real “Royal Family”, are Trump’s “constitutional comments” justified?

DAILY SIGNAL: From Plummeting Test Scores to Woke Curriculums, Ben Carson Addresses America’s ‘Crisis in Classroom’

There’s a “crisis in the classroom,” and American children are paying the price, say Armstrong Williams, host of “The Armstrong Williams Show,” and Dr. Ben Carson, a renowned neurosurgeon and former secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. It’s “very concerning in our society today, as you see the dumbing down of our […]

Biden & Congress Seeking to Punish Firearms Manufacturers

The Mindset of Penalizing Firearms Manufacturers Financially Sets Dangerous Precedent Adams Arms President, Jason East compares the notion of holding automakers accountable for accidents caused by reckless drivers to recent legislative attempts which would hold firearms manufacturers accountable for the mindset of gun purchasers and any violence they create. He claims that two bills (currently […]

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