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Chariho Group Urges Local Voters to Reject Wasteful School Mega-Bond

A local pro-taxpayer group covering Charlestown, Richmond, Hopkinton is urging voters to reject a $150 million bond to build three elementary schools that group says are not needed, will raise taxes, and will serve to primarily benefit special insider groups. Clay Johnson and Louise Dinsmore, co-founders of the group, Forgotten Taxpayers PAC, have been regular […]

DAILY SIGNAL: ‘Federal Overreach’: Lawsuit Aims to Stop Biden’s Title IX Rule Change

After the Biden administration released its new Title IX rule on April 19, it took less than two weeks for the Defense of Freedom Institute to file a lawsuit against it. “We are asking the court to … basically stop the effect of the regulations for a variety of legal reasons,” says Robert Eitel, the […]

Noncitizens do vote in U.S. elections — here’s how they do it

Originally published by the Washington Times, by Stephen Dinan, May 3, 2024 Eloy Alberto Zayas-Berrier was part of the infamous Mariel boatlift that brought 125,000 Cubans, including criminals and mental hospital patients, to the U.S. in 1980. He’s been here ever since in a bizarre legal limbo. He can’t qualify for citizenship and Cuba has […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Those Who Attack Israel ‘Are After the US Just the Same,’ Knesset Member Warns

Terrorists in the Middle East do not despise America only because the U.S. supports Israel, but because America is a Western society, according to Simcha Rothman, a member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. “But people that attack us, they are after the U.S. just the same,” Rothman says. “The chant in Iran—‘Death to America, Death […]


New science-based report blows up the Left’s false narrative about Green energy. Today, the co-author of that report is my guest to discuss the inconvenient truths about what really is best energy source for our world and our environment. Jason Hayes of Mackinac joins us!

DAILY SIGNAL: Amid Pro-Palestine Protests, These Fraternity Brothers Prove Patriotism Endures at US Colleges

A scene Tuesday at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill proves that patriotism isn’t dead on all American college campuses. While an American flag was hoisted up the tall flagpole in the middle of the UNC campus, students chanted “USA, USA, USA” and later burst into a rendition of the national anthem. The […]

Sisters In Arms #34- Part Two Of Meet Rep X – What is a Gold Star Family & Nero’s Law continued – May 01, 2024

Hosted by Renee Gagne and Kerrie Ann Auclair, the Sisters In Arms – A Firearm Story podcast is a pro-Second Amendment show with frequent guests and a national audience reach. From a woman’s perspective, the Sisters In Arms podcast promotes safe and responsible firearms ownership with a focus on instruction while also defending everyone’s right to self-defense against persistent and pointless gun-control legislation.

Dear Jewish American Voters (by Valerie Sobel)

by Valeri Sobel, an Economist, writer, philanthropist, and a pianist living in Canada. A message for all you American Jews (еврейцев) who voted for Biden … We, the grass roots, extremist right-wing, Trump-loving Jews, would like to extend our warmest gratitude in electing one Joe Biden. Especially at this time. You were so right all […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Senator Says We Should Not Spend ‘Any Money Outside of This Country’ Until This Domestic Issue Is Addressed

Sen. Roger Marshall was one of only 15 Republican senators who voted against sending an additional $60 billion to Ukraine for its war against Russia.  “One of my jobs is to prioritize where we’re spending the money,” Marshall says. “And I’m telling you, until we secure the border, I don’t think we should be spending […]

REAL WOMEN WON’T BACK DOWN #InTheDugout – April 30, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

In yet another assault on American families, the Biden adminstration earlier this month unveiled a final set of rules changes to Title IX, which will interject men into women’s activities and undermine the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing of their children. Kim Russell, Independent Women’s Forum Ambassador joins us, tune in! 

DAILY SIGNAL: Unraveling the Damage Done by Our Welfare System

Education, employment, and family formation are “the building blocks for a flourishing life,” says the leader of the Georgia Center for Opportunity.  But, unfortunately, America’s welfare system includes penalties for both work and family formation, Randy Hicks says.  Although the safety net may not intend to punish work or the family, Hicks says, it does […]

‘DO NOT COMPLY. FIGHT.’ Will R.I. join America’s Revolt Against Biden’s Destructive Title IX Rule Changes?

‘DO NOT COMPLY. FIGHT.’ Americans Revolt Against New Title IX Rule In its April 29, 2024 media release, SAVE … a Washington, DC based org committed to assuring fairness and due process in schools … notes how the release of the Biden Administration’s final Title IX regulation on April 19 has triggered a wave of […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Arabella Network’s Leftist ‘Dark Money’ Influence Expanding, Author Reveals

The left-wing Arabella Advisors network has raked in more money than either of the two major political parties and affects almost every element of public policy and elections, argues Scott Walter, president of the Capital Research Center, a Washington-based investigative think tank. Walter’s new book “Arabella: The Dark Money Network of Leftist Billionaires Secretly Transforming […]

Rhode Islanders Suggest New Names for the Crumbling Washington Bridge

The Ocean State Current invites readers to enter our contest and submit your suggested new name for the crumbling Washington Bridge, a symbol of government incompetence and corruption in Rhode Island. The RI DOT know of the bridge’s structural issues in 2012, yet conducted no repairs! Why not? A sampling of the contest entries received […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Big Questions Before Supreme Court in Trump’s Presidential Immunity Case

The nine Supreme Court justices have a major question before them. Is a current or former president immune from prosecution? Former President Donald Trump is facing prosecution for alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Trump argues that his actions as president are protected from prosecution under presidential immunity. Trump lawyer John […]

Star Spangled Gamblers – April 25, 2024

Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our liberties are under constant attack – and the dishonest corporate media fails to hold public officials accountable – The Ocean State Current has become the choice of parents and citizens who value honest and fearless reporting. Why? […]

DAILY SIGNAL: New Athletic Clothing Brand Gets It: XX and XY—Vive La Difference!

Athletic clothing brands hold Women’s History Month promotional campaigns every March and claim to support women’s and girls sports, but haven’t spoken out against men competing as women—until now. “None of them is weighing in and taking a stand to protect female athletes and female sports and spaces from males entering into those spaces,” says […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Antisemitic Protests on College Campuses Represent ‘Anti-Western and Anti-American Movement,’ Professor Says

Pro-Palestine protests on the campuses of some of America’s most elite colleges have resulted in hundreds of arrests and led Columbia University in New York to move classes online for the remainder of the semester.  The pro-Hamas, anti-Israel protests at Columbia University, Yale, and New York University aren’t just representative of an “antisemitic movement,” but […]

Will McKee’s Budget Increase Smoking Deaths? #InTheDugout – April 24, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

The vaping debate is heating up in Rhode Island sparked by Governor Dan McKee’s proposed 2025 budget, which includes an 80% tax on e-cigarettes. We examine the potential negative health and economic impacts of this controversial measure, from its effects on smoking cessation efforts to its implications for small businesses and the black market. Tune in for a discussion on how the left continues their assault on Rhode Island families. 

DAILY SIGNAL: Ohio Attorney General Breaks Down Leftist Legal ‘Trick’ to Block GOP Efforts to Protect Kids

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is not going to allow one lone judge to dictate whether the children of Ohio are protected from “transgender” surgeries and hormones, he shared in an interview with The Daily Signal. Yost asked the state’s Supreme Court to intervene after Judge Michael Holbrook issueda temporary restraining order for House Bill […]

MASSACHUSETTS TOLLS: The Tyranny of the Administrative State #InTheDugout – April 23, 2024 … WATCH AFTER 4:00 PM

Tryanny can simply be defined as a government that rules and implements policies that oppress the main populace, without the consent of that populace … whether in the hands of a single ruler, or a group of “political supremacists.”

DAILY SIGNAL: Why Speaker Johnson’s Job Is on the Line After House Votes $60 Billion for Ukraine

The House passed a four-bill $95 billion foreign aid package over the weekend that includes $60 billion in additional aid for Ukraine. The bill could cost House Speaker Mike Johnson his job.  The aid package passed in a 311-112 vote with the unanimous support of Democrats and 101 Republicans voting in favor of the bill. […]

DAILY SIGNAL: This Passover, as Tensions Rise in Middle East, Jews Remember ‘God Saves Us’

During the first night of Passover, Jewish homes gather around a Seder meal and remember how God delivered the Jewish people from Egypt, and that God has always rescued His people, author and lecturer Rabbi Pinchas Taylor explains.  “We say that we recognize that in every generation, there are nations that have come against us, […]

Who can you trust? #BoomerZoomers

Introducing the Boomer Zoomers Podcast, your ultimate destination for insightful discussions on current events both in the Ocean State and across the nation. Join us for an engaging journey where we delve deep into the pressing issues shaping our world today.

Star Spangled Gamblers – April 2024

Current StaffSupport local and honest journalism by becoming a charter member of the Ocean State Current. As our liberties are under constant attack – and the dishonest corporate media fails to hold public officials accountable – The Ocean State Current has become the choice of parents and citizens who value honest and fearless reporting. Why? […]

Now California Seeks to Eliminate all US Locomotives!

PUBLISHER’S NOTE (Mike Stenhouse): The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has agreed to co-sign the national coalition letter to the EPA (see below). For years, the Center has raised awareness about the folly of the Electric Vehicle mandates proposed by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which, by law, our Ocean State must adhere […]

Biden’s Political Suicide? Women’s Sports Ruined as ‘Gender Identity’ Inserted into Title IX

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The Left’s assault on American families continues. During this Presidential election year, it is vital that common-sense, biology-believing Rhode Islanders speak out and put all elected officials and candidates on record as to whether or not they will work to repeal this bogus destruction of Title IX at the national, state, or local […]

DAILY SIGNAL: Want a Faith-Filled Nation Back? Build the Family

There’s a direct link between being raised in a family with a mom and dad present and a commitment to faith, according to the president and founder of Communio, a nonprofit that equips churches to work for the renewal of healthy relationships, marriages, and the family. “Many pastors don’t know that 80% of everybody sitting […]

Major New Study Supports Center’s Green Energy Skepticism

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The Ocean State Current and our RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity have published dozens of reports, columns, and interviews on the subject of energy policy for our Ocean State. A major new study by the Mackinac Center clearly supports our claims and recommendations over the past dozen years that wind and solar […]

DAILY SIGNAL: What’s Riding on a Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Case Before Supreme Court?

The Supreme Court will determine the fate of a major Jan. 6 Capitol riot-related case. The ruling could affect hundreds of people who were in the Capitol that day in 2021, and at the center of the case is the applicability of a federal statute.  The Justice Department has been using a statute enacted in […]

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