DAILY SIGNAL: Calling the Pro-Life Movement to Foster and Adopt

The pro-life community can be the answer for thousands of children in need of loving foster parents or adoptive families, according to Prestonwood Baptist Church Associate Pastor Jeremiah Johnston.

“We have 400,000 children in foster care nationally,” Johnston says, adding that “about 100,000 of those 400,000 are available for adoption and just waiting for a ‘forever family’ right now.”

“The need is hug,” the pastor tells “The Daily Signal Podcast.” That’s why Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, on April 13 is hosting the “Chosen” conference, a daylong event to educate Christians and the pro-life community on the need for good foster and adoptive parents.

Johnston joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to share how people across the U.S. can participate—either in person or remotely—in the event, which is drawing keynote speakers ranging from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to “Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson Huff.

Listen to the podcast below:

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