DAILY SIGNAL: New Athletic Clothing Brand Gets It: XX and XY—Vive La Difference!

Athletic clothing brands hold Women’s History Month promotional campaigns every March and claim to support women’s and girls sports, but haven’t spoken out against men competing as women—until now.

“None of them is weighing in and taking a stand to protect female athletes and female sports and spaces from males entering into those spaces,” says Jennifer Sey, the founder of XX-XY Athletics.

As a former elite gymnast and the 1986 USA Gymnastics national champion, Sey knows the value athletics can play in the lives of women—and the danger posed by men being allowed to enter female competitions. 

“You know, girls that participate in sports are more likely to graduate from high school. They get better grades. They’re less likely to become pregnant in high school,” Sey explains on the “Problematic Women” podcast.

Sey launched XX-XY Athletics to protect women’s sports and female-only spaces.

“The lie being told is, there’s no difference between male and female bodies,” Sey says. “If we carry that lie through to its conclusion, what happens is a decision gets made that there doesn’t need to be sex-based categories; so, my fear is women’s sports disappears altogether.”

As a former marketing executive at Levi Strauss & Co., Sey knows the power brands have to affect culture, but laments that almost anyone “not on the far Left has relinquished this role of culture in informing public opinion.”

Those not on the far Left have attempted to address the issue of protecting women’s sports through “policy, government, academia,” Sey says, “but there’s this whole world of culture out there driven by art and music, and yes brands, and the Left, far Left, activist Left, wins there, and we can’t cede that ground.”

The new athletic brand is partnering with athletes such as swimmer Riley Gaines to promote a culture that will acknowledge the beauty and reality in the differences between men and women.

Sey joins the “Problematic Woman” podcast to share her own journey and struggles as an elite gymnast, the launch of XX-XY Athletics, and her 2022 book “Levi’s Unbuttoned: The Woke Mob Took My Job but Gave Me My Voice.

Also on today’s show, we discuss the Biden administration’s proposed new rules on Title IX and how they could devastate women’s sports.

Listen to the podcast below:

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