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Progressive Bad Bill Of The Week: Make Believe Net Neutrality

The proper role of state and federal governments should be to deter fraud, enforce contracts, and arbitrate disputes. Clear, consistent, and limited government maximizes innovation and competition. Reliable internet access encourages and accelerates economic growth and development.

A Question of Values

Clarifying the Meaning of P3

Keep in Mind the Changing Workforce

Let Companies Do What Works for Their Employees

The Word for What’s in the Memo

The Only Way to Better Health Care

A Fun-Sized Statue of Dependency

The Strangling Force of Misplaced Justice

Fake Claims From The Progressive Land Of Make-Believe

The legislative onslaught from the left has begun. As the poster child of their desire for government-control over the lives of residents and businesses, Rhode Island’s progressive-Democrats announced they will introduce legislation this week to establish an estimated $13.2 billion single-payer health insurance system.

Incrementalism in Tax Increases

Responding to a False Framing of Rights

An Obvious Solution to Economic Malaise

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