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RI Congressman Gabe Amo Votes “Nay” on the Equal Representation Act

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Legislation in the US Congress to ensure fair representation of United States citizens is not expected to receive any support from Rhode Island’s Congressional delegation in Washington, DC. The recently elected US Representative from our state, Gabe Amo, voted “Nay” to the legislation, as part of the unanimous opposition by all voting Democrats. […]

The Latest Left-on-Left War: Formaldehyde

by Mike Stenhouse McKee & Whitehouse Should Take Sides Formaldehyde is a chemical compound used by morticians as an embalming fluid to preserve bodies after death. But now, the EPA, in typical Left-wing double-speak, is seeking to restrict the use of this chemical to the point where it could lead to the death of industries […]

Biden’s Revised Title IX Regulations Explained

The information below was drawn from an advisory by State Policy Network, of which the RI Center of Prosperity is a proud member. In April of 2024 the Biden administration’s Department of Education officially implemented its finalized Title IX regulation. The new rule addresses sex-based discrimination in educational programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. […]

Sten Reacts: Trump’s Abortion Platform 2024

In this gripping episode, Sten delves deep into the tumultuous waters of the upcoming 2024 election, where Donald Trump’s influential presence looms large over both the LEFT and RIGHT of the political spectrums particularly with the heated abortion debate. His recent statements are causing a major upheaval, how will this change the election? You don’t want to miss it!

Stenhouse: Why McKee’s Budget Might Increase Smoking Deaths?

Another false government narrative … and this one might prove deadly. The debate over taxing e-cigarettes resumed in recent State House hearings on Governor Dan McKee’s proposed 2025 budget proposal, as radical anti-smoking advocacy groups, along with tyrants in our state government, have created yet another boogey-man that they are seeking to slay. Unfortunately, rather […]

Sten Reacts: Senator Mack & RIDE – Yes, indoctrinate!

In this episode, controversial RI state Senator Tiara Mack is back at it again trying to groom young students with sexually explicit content in K-12 schools. Sten reacts to her latest rant … and in the end … you’ll find out why he changed my mind and actually agree with her that we should indoctrinate students!

Yes, We Should Indoctrinate Students with Controversial Beliefs

The main argument goes, “If we can just save one student by providing a supportive environment …” This is the sentiment of those who advocate for the teaching of controversial and explicit belief systems in K-12 schools. After all, what’s a little divisiveness between believers and the many other students and parents who do not […]

Stenhouse ProJo OpEd: Time for RI Lawmakers to Face Reality & Decouple from CA’s EV Mandates

Originally published by the Providence Journal, March 10. 2024 as: Time for RI to drop use of California’s unattainable emissions mandate by Mike Stenhouse Guest columnist Ocean State lawmakers should follow the lead of the Biden administration and Connecticut and reconsider Rhode Island’s commitment to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and its costly and […]

Public Polls Show Overwhelming Opposition to Transgender Agenda

Six public opinion polls conducted in 2023 show that a majority of Americans oppose transgender policies that are targeted to children and youth. The information below was derived from a Feb 14 media release by SAVE, a national organization dedicated to assuring fairness and due process in schools. **** Public Opposition Mounts As Media Accounts […]

A Common-Sense Energy Freedom Resolution for our Ocean State

Rhode Island lawmakers and agency bureaucrats have crafted an energy strategy and related policies that are not reflective of reality: The much ballyhooed state goal of becoming the first “net zero” carbon emissions state in America by 2050. Given current technology, such “green” ambitions are impossible to achieve from a production capacity perspective, would severely […]

Medicaid & the Long Term Care Crisis

This column, written by RI resident and healthcare expert Gary Alexander, originally appeared in the Washington Times on January 15, 2024 Medicaid, a vital program for indigent and disabled Americans who need long-term care, is facing a crisis of sustainability. The program, initially designed to assist those with insufficient means, is commonly exploited by loopholes […]

RI Insurance Superintendent Must Say “No” to Crony Corporatism

OpEd by Mike Stenhouse Will Rhode Island’s insurance Superintendent prevent retirees from being the next victim of government’s assault on families? The Covid lockdowns, rampant spending, oppressive regulations, and misguided green energy mandates have eliminated jobs, destroyed our education system, and led to hyper local inflation. Let’s hope the retirement security of Ocean Staters is […]

Will Ranked-Choice-Voting (RCV) be Forced on Rhode Islanders?

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Progressive Democrats and some moderate Republicans are advocating for a major change to Rhode Island’s Constitutional election provision, which currently provides for the candidate who receives a simple plurality of all votes cast to be declared the winner state or local elections … even if that plurality does not surpass the 50% threshold. […]

Doc Skoly Files Brief for his Appeal in US 1st Circuit Court

Do a Governor’s emergency powers supersede citizens’ constitutional rights? This is one issue that will likely be adjudicated, as The Ocean State Current has learned that Dr. Stephen Skoly has filed a brief for his appeal in the US First Circuit Court on Wednesday. Click here to read the brief its entirety This past August, […]

Is RIDE’s Angelica Infante-Green Any different from Claudine Gay, Harvard’s Disgraced and Woke ex-President?

OPINION: Harvard University and its now former President, Claudine Gay, have been the subject of intense national scrutiny since her embarrassing Congressional testimony on December 5 exposed how shockingly out of touch she and her fellow woke educational colleagues are with mainstream America. What is less well-known, is how the same can be said about […]

Washington Bridge Debacle Screams the Need for an Inspector General

Opinion piece The current Washington Bridge closure crisis brings to the fore the topic of real accountability in RI. The nationally recognized deteriorated conditions of the many bridges in the state triggers an important concept: “You get what you inspect, not what you expect!” Simply if less than expert and thorough inspections are conducted you […]

PARENTS WIN Settlement vs RIDOH in School Mask Mandate Lawsuit

On Tuesday, over three dozen parent plaintiffs celebrated a rare judicial victory against Covid-19 pandemic tyranny in their historic school mask mandate lawsuit against the State of RI and the RI Department of Health (RIDOH). In a private conference in the judge’s chambers, all parties agreed to a settlement that will have near- and long-term […]

RUFO: Will Anti-Semitic Protests Explode Into Another Summer of Riots in 2024

Originally published by Christopher F Rufo, Dec 5, 2023 as: WILL IT BE RIOT SEASON AGAIN IN 2024? Conservatives must learn the lessons of 2020—and prepare Conservative leaders must prepare for that prospect. To prevent 2020 from repeating itself in 2024, conservatives need to consider what might spark a riot, how it can be prevented, […]

Spiritualist: Your Family & Your Choices are Divine

Following the passing of my father in November 2023, the passage below was sent to me by a writer who wishes to remain anonymous and who thought these words might be relevant and provide comfort. The passage is from an “automatic writing”, a form of channeling. Such writings result when a higher power is allowed […]

School Choice is a Political Winner – Especially Among Minorities

PUBLISHER’s NOTE: School choice and educational freedom for families is a political and electoral winner – especially among minority voters! Yet no lawmaker in the state of Rhode Island is willing to take a major stand, to stand up to special interest teacher unions, and to promote this much needed public policy … especially given […]

CT Judges Tosses Election due to “Shocking” Mail Ballot Fraud

‘Shocking’ Fraud on Video Prompts Judge to Toss Election Outcome in Connecticut’s Largest City Originally published on The Daily Signal by Fred Lucas / @FredLucasWH / November 02, 2023 A surveillance camera in Bridgeport, Connecticut, showed individuals stuffing multiple absentee ballots into a ballot dropbox at night. (Photo illustration: Getty Images) Just days before a scheduled general election in Connecticut’s largest city, […]

Our Most Vulnerable Need Education Freedom. Why do lawmakers stand in their way?

This message is brought to you by the RI Chapter of the Independent Women’s Network. To learn more about becoming a local member, visit www.iwnetwork.com/chapter/providence-rhode-island-chapter/ This column has been modified from the original version written by Heather Madden, October 20, 2023 Our Most Vulnerable Need Education Freedom. What’s Standing In Their Way? Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) […]

Report: Major Failures, “F” grade at RIDE Require Leadership and Legislative Changes

In a scathing assessment of the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), a new report released today by the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity grades RIDE with an “F” for its many documented failures. The report, “Why Major Changes are Needed at the RI Department Of  Education,” details the top-10 Failures of Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green and RIDE, […]

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