Spiritualist: Your Family & Your Choices are Divine

Following the passing of my father in November 2023, the passage below was sent to me by a writer who wishes to remain anonymous and who thought these words might be relevant and provide comfort.

The passage is from an “automatic writing”, a form of channeling. Such writings result when a higher power is allowed to create or guide the words that are written.

If you would like to read more “channels” from this writer, please send an email to oceanstatecurrent@rifreedom.org 

From Sunday, February 2, 2014: It is to know that all of your life is a time to create miracles. What you see before your eyes is a creation of the larger part of you. Do you see?

You are here with those whom you have chosen a life on earth. FAMILY. You are family always and ever more. You see? No separation.

This is so very important for you to understand. It brings you the peace for which you So desperately search in this life!

Know always that you are one with those you so dearly love.
No separation.
One unit.

That which you create here on earth is a contract between yourself and those loved ones with whom you create.

There are emotions attached to these creations which comprise your desires – your lessons – your willingness to experience all that is.

It is difficult Dear Ones. Know that you are never alone. Know that you are creators.

Your choices are divine beyond that which you comprehend here on earth, you see?

You are inherently perfect, whole, loved, and a piece of the Divinity of All Things.

All is Well.

Even in shadow there is light. Sometimes it is not for you to see what is in the shadows but for others around you to see.

We are all teachers, you see?
Yet we are all students of one another.

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