Governor McKee Refuses to Explain Highly Selective Enforcement Against Dr. Skoly

Late last month, Dr. Stephen Skoly’s legal team, New Civil Liberties Alliance, filed a response to the State of Rhode Island’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit he had filed for “arbitrarily and unlawfully” ending his surgical practice and for violating his First Amendment rights.

Background: On October 1, 2021, the Rhode Island Department of Health and then-Director Nicole Alexander Scott, MD, via the authority of Governor Dan McKee, ordered Dr. Stephen Skoly to stop caring for patients, stating that he was an “imminent threat to the health of the public” because he declined to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Skoly has natural immunity against the disease and has sound medical issues that speak against his getting the vaccine. But this did not conform to Governor McKee’s and Dr. Alexander Scott’s rigid, non-scientific vaccine mandate on healthcare workers.  Far worse, in their eyes, Dr. Skoly had been vocal about his refusal.

,,, click here to read the rest of this story originally posted by our friends at Anchor Rising.

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