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Teachers Union Boss Lies Again – Promotes Fake “Banned Books” Narrative

This message is brought to you by the RI Chapter of the Independent Women’s Network. To learn more about becoming a local member, visit www.iwnetwork.com/chapter/providence-rhode-island-chapter/ Teachers union boss Randi Weingarten is lying again!  She and her allies want you to believe that right wing extremists are banning books in our nation’s public schools, depriving bright […]

GIANNINI: Flooding Again at Dean Estates in Cranston

Flooding again at Dean Estates apartments … by Joanne Giannini Again, we hear of more flooding at the Dean Estates apartments.  In 2013, my sister  lived there on the first floor and her daughter and baby grandson lived on the 2nd floor above them.  It was a holiday and raining when a thrust of water […]

3 New Studies Suggest “Global Warming” Alarmism is Unfounded

Originally published as:” NEW STUDIES SUGGEST ‘GLOBAL WARMING’ IS MOSTLY AN URBAN PHENOMENON SEPTEMBER 5, 2023 on Electroverse.info by CAP ALLON A new PEER REVIWED study by 37 researchers from 18 countries has come to the conclusion that the global temperature record has been contaminated by urban warming biases. It also suggests that the most recent […]

100% of 1609 World Climate Scientists Agree – Climate Emergency is a Myth

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The narratives advancing global warming & climate change alarmism are quickly falling apart and are being exposed for their non-scientific conclusions and radical policy prescriptions. Yet Rhode Island lawmakers continue to push and pass legislation that does little-to-nothing to decrease carbon emissions, while imposing massive economic costs on residents as well as severe […]

Democrat for CD-1 Race Responds to his Major Flip Flop on Key Abortion Issue

State Representative Stephen Casey, long heralded as a pro-life Democrat and who voted against RI’s landmark pro-abortion legislation in 2019, unable to withstand the pressure from the Left and the debate stage, suddenly reversed course at a recent debate and declared he supported a woman’s “right to choose”, even to the point of stating that […]

Stenhouse: Vote Twice This Election

It is your patriotic duty to vote. Why not vote strategically? Why not fully make your voice count? Why not cross-over, vote early, and have your vote count twice? Early voting is underway for the primaries to replace David Cicilline in the US House of Representatives. Citizens have no greater muscle in our democracy than […]

Doc Skoly Files Appeal in US First Circuit Court

The Ocean State Current has learned that Dr. Stephen Skoly has today filed an appeal in the US First Circuit Court, less than one month after Rhode Island’s Federal District Court Judge,  Mary McElroy, issued a “bench ruling” granting the motion by the attorneys for the state to dismiss Skoly’s vaccine mandate lawsuit on the […]

PHOTO OF THE DAY: This is how we win!

From the Instagram post of Benny Johnson, widely regarded as the “Godfather of the Conservative Internet”. No woke Barbie movie garbage in the Johnson household. Instead of letting Hollywood or iPads raise my kids — I choose to be a present father. The world God created is better than any movie or video game. Go […]

T.Rowley: 40% of Brown Univ. Students Identify as Queer

by Travis Rowley as published on his Good Men Podcast Democrats Say: No Social Contagion Whatsoever People familiar with Brown University already know that its campus earned a reputation for radical liberalism many-many years ago. One delightful college memoir from 20 years ago (Out of Ivy!) explained: “With the waning of the civil rights movement, […]

Top-10 Prescient Founding Fathers’ Quotes

The founding of America – and its revolutionary concepts about human equality,  self-reliance, and of a representative republic with limited government – was not just based upon a trust in the Almighty and an historical examination of monarchies and tyrannical regimes. Indeed, just as important as these, the Founders’ vision for America also was based […]

The new R.I. Declaration of Independence

Modified from the original Declaration of Independence to reflect current and specific issues relevant to the people of Rhode Island, with as little alteration to the original text, spelling, and themes. R.I. Declaration of Independence IN Virtual CONGRESS, JULY 4, 2023 The unanimous Declaration of the People of the thirty-nine cities and towns of Rhode Island When […]


Originally published by Stephen Dinan in the Washington Times, June 29, 2023 Black justices battle over meaning of equality in affirmative action case Justice Clarence Thomas on Thursday offered a majestic view of America waiting to be unshackled from the evils of racial discrimination that began with slavery, persisted through segregation and most recently manifested […]

Absurd & Evil View of Gaspee Days Parade Deserves Condemnation

by Mike Stenhouse On the same day that the historic Gaspee Days parade proceeded in its annual march down Narragansett Parkway and Broad Street in Warwick and Cranston, the Providence Journal deigned to publish on Saturday a hit piece on the observance of an event that many Rhode Islanders believe was the “unofficial start of […]

DOC SKOLY VINDICATED! Will the Courts Provide Fair Justice?

Dr. Stephen Skoly and other NCLA Clients Were Vindicated when President Biden Ended the Covid Vaccine Mandates that Federal Courts Already Enjoined Last month, the Biden-Harris Administration officially ended the disgraceful Covid-19 vaccine mandates it never should have implemented for federal employees and federal contractors. These unlawful mandates, which were ordered without a vote of Congress, […]

America’s Left has its own Mein Kampf

“80 years later, history may be repeating itself” I was born on the eve of the America’s entry into World War II I remember the end of that war that propelled the United States to super power status. I have lived through the Fabulous 50s; the Soaring 60’s, Me Decade 70s; and the Excessive 80s. […]

4 More Major Companies Catch the “Full BUD LIGHT Woke” TG-19 Virus

EDITOR’S NOTE: The “WK-19 virus” and the “TG-19 virus” are terms created by The Ocean State Current to describe the viral nature of how the Woke and TransGender movements have spread and infected once common-sense populations and once business-minded organizations. The column below was originally published in the The Washington Stand, by Suzanne Bowdey, editorial […]

Regular Marijuana Use Ruins Young Men’s Mental Health says Study

EDITOR’S NOTE: If young Rhode Islanders are not already dealing with enough emotional stress from what they are being taught in schools and from what they see on social media, television, or the life-like games they play … those who regularly use weed are apparently putting themselves at even great risk of emotional instability. The […]

Navigating Motherhood in Today’s Woke World (Video)

Happy Mother’s Day! Any strong and enduring culture must revere motherhood as the most sacred of all vocations. Cherish your mom, for “behind all of your own stories, is always your mother’s story” … Mitch Albom. Below is from the Family Policy Alliance: Being a mother is never easy, but being a mother in today’s […]

CCP “Confucius Institutes” in RI May Not Have Ended with Bryant University

It may be little known, but Bryant University is one of Rhode Island’s most “woke” institutions. Reality-based employees are fleeing the university in droves, not willing to endure the relentless attacks on their traditional cultural values. From forced pronouns, to constant white-shaming, to mandatory LGBTQIAP+ employee indoctrination training seminars … the once proud school has […]

Harry Reid’s Prophecy: Political Deja Vu All Over Again

Originally posted on Travis Rowley’s “Listen to the Good Men” podacst, as “Channeling Harry Reid“ Please excuse this critique of all the expressions of shock by conservative hosts and pundits last week — shock over the revelation that it was, in fact, the Biden campaign that orchestrated the drafting and dissemination of the “intel letter” […]

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