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The Great Barrington Awokening?

In recent years, the woke left has taken control in the affluent small town of Barrington, Rhode Island – dominating the seats of power on both the town council and the school committee … secretly and defiantly imposing their radical and divisive agenda upon their own taxpayers, veteran groups, students, and teachers. The disdain these […]

Parents Union School Mask Lawsuit winning in Providence; Delayed Again in Superior Court

The relentless legal pressure applied by attorney Gregory Piccirilli, representing dozens of Parents Union plaintiffs, is producing major dividends, despite efforts by the McKee administration and the RI Department of Health to quash their lawsuit actions. In the original Southwell v McKee school mask mandate lawsuit brought by the Parents Union plaintiffs, the State of […]

Doc Skoly’s Federal Lawsuit is NOT OVER! Even though he’s back work.

Lawsuit is not “moot”. Dr Stephen Skoly may have won a significant battle last week in his fight to continue providing critical surgical care to his patients, but the larger legal war is not over. Even though the RIDOH finally relented and removed its October 1 compliance order that banned him from seeing patients in […]

Now is the Time for RI Motorists to be Decoupled from California’s Oppressive Emissions Policies

Ocean State motorists dodged a bullet last December when the TCI Gas Tax was defeated here and in 13 other northeast states. The “Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI)” would have artificially increased gasoline prices by up to 35 cents per gallon, while steadily reducing available fuel supplies, by ceding a major portion of our state’s […]

Stenhouse on Proposed RIDOH Rule Changes: RI is Better Off Without Them

The rule changes proposed last week by the RI Department of Health (RIDOH) are nothing but a blatant power grab, even as state health officials hail it as a major step towards returning our state to normal. Technically, the recommended provisions would amend R.I. Gen. Laws Chapter 23-17 and § 23-17.7.1 to make permanent new […]

Director of Health James McDonald LIES on His First Day

Why are Gov. Dan McKee and the media so compliant? On his first day as Director of Health, James McDonald LIES by stating blatant disinformation that naturally acquired immunity “doesn’t last as long as vaccine immunity.” During yesterday’s press conference, Pat Ford of The Coalition Radio Network asked a critical question. Watch the video now. Per Israeli study & Dr Andrew Bostom – the exact OPPOSITE IS TRUE!

Why Governor McKee Must Completely Remake the RI Department of Health

Remake RI DOH Despite claims of her ‘resignation’, the more likely January firing of Nicole Alexander-Scott as Director of the RI Department of Health (RI DOH), quickly followed by the departure of her top capo, Thomas McCarthy, presents a major opportunity for Governor McKee to remake the crumbling health organization, which completely missed the target […]

Parent plaintiff pleads for “help” for his daughter suffering from school mask mandates

Case Number: PC-2021-05915 Filed in Providence/Bristol County Superior Court Plaintiff, Jonathan Barrett, is a resident of Glocester, Rhode Island. The reasons for his bringing this lawsuit are as follows: I have witnessed the deterioration and decline in my daughter’s interest in going to school and doing her best work while these mask mandates have been […]

#ParentsUnited File APPEAL To RI Supreme Court On School Mask Mandate

Today LIVE at 4:00pm on the Ocean State Current- Click here to watch on The Ocean State Current! STEN & guests discuss: -#ParentsUnited file APPEAL to RI Supreme Court re school mask mandate -CT Gov says #NoTCItax on gas -NK “fat test” update -Hopkinton Town Council chickens out -RI Freedom Fighter targeted – Domestic Terrorist? […]

Liberty Byte: Parents Targeted?

Liberty-minded parents in the Ocean State are being targeted by school committees. Committee have supported a set of radical CRT-based curriculum guidelines that subject children to a daily diet of critical race theory. Parents are fighting back, and have organized a coalition to oppose the proposed curriculum. School committee  officials have responded by trying to discredit the parents, and has even gone so far as to try to intimidate them into silence. This is an attack on our values, and it must be stopped. Parents will not be silenced, and they will not allow their children to be indoctrinated with critical race theory. The fight for liberty is underway in the Ocean State, and it starts with the parents.

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Liberty Byte: Jon Riches of Goldwater on the BIG Nicole Solas win against the NEA

The left and their allies are perpetually trying to take a bite out of your liberties, but the center-right has a strong legal defense system to fight back against them and for your rights. Our guest is Jon Riches of the Goldwater Institute, who is defending South Kingstown mom Nicole Solas who is being sued […]

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American Privilege and American Supremacy

Today, July 4th, our nation celebrates its independence, an independence that far too many do not appreciate.

In June, I attended a business conference in Idaho. On the jet ride out, from my window seat at 30,000 feet, I viewed the grandeur of America; the towering cities and great lakes I viewed from Providence to Chicago; the enormous great plains and farmlands of the midwest and of course the spectacular peaks of the seemingly endless ranges over the great mountain northwest.

As I absorbed the vastness and beauty of our country … its natural greatness … I also pondered its historical greatness. America has a proud heritage that every American should come to properly understand and defend, including its checkered periods and how we sought to overcome those adversities.

In The Dugout: Defending Our Liberties

Today’s show is live at 5pm. Watch it then share it on social media! Defend our liberties this July 4th! Topics: – True Star Spangled Banner story & the left’s ignorance – Pay Equity bill takes a bite out of our liberty – CEO of Parents Defending Education – Dr. Andrew Bostom on RI’s absurd […]

Liberty Byte: Grover Norquist on the TCI Gas Tax

Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform tells us why a proposed gas tax will take a bite out of your liberty. After all we’ve been through in the past year, why should we be punished for driving our vehicles? The prices for gasoline could soon rise dramatically for your family if a new stealth […]

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In The Dugout: RI’s “Sugary Drinks” Tax

Today’s show is live at 5pm. Watch it now then share it on social media! Topics: -CRT infecting our schools, we’re investigating. -Grover Norquist in a Liberty Byte -Mario Lopez of the Hispanic Leadership Fund & Eli Berkowitz on why the regressive RI “sugary drinks” tax especially hurts low-income families & small businesses struggling to […]

In The Dugout: Sounding The Fire Alarm

Today’s show is live at 5pm. Watch it now then share it on social media! Topics: Sten in “fire-alarm orange”, rips GA & Governor for supporting of anti-jobs $15 MIN WAGE HIKE and the TCI GAS TAX NFIB guest Dr. Andrew Bostom calls-out DOH director’s FALSE statements; also religious & medical exemption forms

In The Dugout: Mask Freedom Day!

Today’s show is live at 5pm. Watch it now then share it on social media! Topics: I ripped into the continued failure of government during the pandemic; calls for end to RI state of emergency Also Rep David Place on his NO V @ X DISCRIMINATION bill And RI Coalition For Israel board member on […]

In The Dugout: Scandal Exposed

Today’s show is live at 4pm. Watch it now then share it on social media! Topics: -Gayle Corrigan on the East Greenwich roots of Warwick union overtime scandal -Dr. Andrew Bostom on why the data does NOT support claims by RIDO H on 12-15 yr olds

In The Dugout: OUTRAGED PARENTS on Covid School Overreach

Coerced student vaccinations without parental consent coming soon to a school near you? Testing passports mandated for high school sports participation? Student athletes shouldn’t be forced to take experimental test for Covid in order to compete! The Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity has joined with parents from RISE UP RI to petition state […]

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