Stenhouse: Vote Twice This Election

It is your patriotic duty to vote. Why not vote strategically? Why not fully make your voice count? Why not cross-over, vote early, and have your vote count twice?

Early voting is underway for the primaries to replace David Cicilline in the US House of Representatives. Citizens have no greater muscle in our democracy than the power of their vote.

So I say … if you’re a registered voter in RI’s first US Congressional District or in RI’s state Senate District 1 …  get out and vote. And vote twice! Vote once before or on September 5 in one of the two party primaries. And vote once before or on the November 7 general election.

Strategicially, for the US Congress, Rhode Islanders deserve representation from someone with a common-sense and real-world approach; someone who will strengthen our pursuit of prosperity, and someone who respects our heritage and core cultural values. Also, to ensure you cast your two ballots, vote early just in case something comes up that could prohibit you from voting on election day.

Your voice via your vote in the primaries, might prove to be the difference … if enough moderates and conservatives cross-over and vote in the Democrat primary. Instead of sitting out the primaries, if you get up and get out to vote, you can help elect, to represent us, one of the few sensible and moderate-conservative candidates who might actually share some of your values.

In order to be eligible to cast a ballot in the Democratic primary, District-1 voters must be registered as either “Democrat” or “Unaffiliated”. To vote in the Republican primary, you must be registered as “Republican” or “Unaffiliated”.

Be strategic with the power of your vote. In order to take advantage of the full legal capacity of your right to cast a ballot, you should vote as early and as often as you legally can.

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