Might THE BIG LIE actually be true? Is the “Let R.I. Vote Act” the real big lie?

Rhode Island Governor Daniel McKee is about to sign into law the “Let RI Vote Act” … which, tragically, is based on two BIG LIES.

You know what the original BIG LIE is, right? According to the mainstream media and anti-Trump politicians, the BIG LIE is the ostensibly false notion pushed by former President Trump and many of his supporters that there was something not right – if not downright fraudulent – about much of the voting in key swing states during the 2020 presidential election.

In my recent XTRA INNINGS video interview (which will be available on-demand after 3:30PM EST on May 27) I examined whether that BIG LIE might actually now have been proven to be TRUE, at least in one regard. I encourage you to watch my eye-opening discussion with Catherine Engelbrecht, the woman who heads True The Vote, a national voting integrity organization, and who has collected the most comprehensive set of data on those 2020 elections that was the basis for the controversial movie, 2000 Mules.

First, a little background here in Rhode Island. Since the early 1980s, when “Buddy” Cianci benefited from what we now know was a well-orchestrated mail-ballot harvesting operation, conducted former Providence City Councilman Lloyd Griffin. While this operation may not have been illegal under Rhode Island law, it succeeded in securing Cianci’s reelection as mayor of Providence. More importantly it was probably the first well-publicized event that kicked-off a growing distrust among Ocean State voters about the integrity of our state’s election process, as well to spawn countless subsequent allegations that elections were being rigged.

In the re-election race of Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello in 2016, many questions were raised when he confidently stated (although behind at the time after the final walk-in votes were tabulated) that the pending over-night counting of mail-ballots would push him to victory. It did. He pretty much knew exactly how many mail-ballot votes were out there in his favor.

In 2020, after Governor Raimondo, abusing her emergency executive powers granted to her during the pandemic, imposed what were supposed to be temporary new voting rules. By sending mail-ballot applications to every registered voter in the state, whether the voter and the address were legitimate or not, and by eliminating virtually all security checks previously mandated for submitting the mail-ballots themselves … Raimondo threw open the door to potential election process fraud. In making it easier to vote, Raimondo, without legislative approval, also made it easier to cheat.

Even though the constitution prohibits such executive tyranny – unilaterally changing voting laws without supporting legislation from the General Assembly – the compliant courts refused to intervene when subsequent law suits were filed.

As it turned out, and as many of us anticipated, middle-of the-night mail ballots swung many federal, state, and local races … where Republicans were ahead when they went to bed, only to wake up discovering that historically-high numbers of mail-ballot votes for their opponents had turned apparent victory into defeat. Charles Callanan, a candidate for state Senate was significantly ahead at midnight, declared a winner by many, but eventually would be declared the loser. Bob Lancia, candidate for the US House of Representatives, suffered a similar fate, when the incumbent, Jim Langevin, scored an over-night, come-from-behind mail-ballot win.

In 2022 – two identical bills – H7100 and S2007, otherwise know as the “Let RI Votes Act” – were passed. The legislation would permanently codify those supposedly temporary 2020 rules into state law. Rules that make it easier to vote AND easier to cheat, if one was so inclined.

These new rules that placed no restriction on ballot harvesting, would now permanently open the door to potential illicit or illegal activity. Rules that not only make it EASY for one person to deliver another person’s vote to a drop-box, but rules that also make it EASIER to cheat if a group of people wanted to conspire to transform ballot harvesting into something much more sinister – BALLOT TRAFFICKING!

The problem is that the “Let RI Votes Act” was based on TWO BIG LIES.

First, is the false concept that without the expansion of and the easing of security on mail-ballot voting, that it’s too hard to vote for too many. It was one thing to argue that expanded mail-ballot voting was safer during the pandemic, agree or not. However, there was no ongoing voting problem cited that allegedly needed be addressed; and there was zero convincing proof or data put forth to justify mandating these pandemic voting rules in a post-pandemic world.

This is the same narrative theme that was parroted mindlessly about Georgia’s 2021 voting law, which tightened security procedures on mail-ballot voting. Whether it was Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden, and countless others on the left … they relentlessly repeated the false narrative that Georgia’s new law, which required minimal proof of a voter’s identification when casting a mail ballot, would make it too HARD to vote, and was a back-door way to achieve voter suppression, especially among minority communities, where black and Hispanics, according to the left, are not as capable of possessing proper identification as are their Caucasian brethren.

The massive voter turnout in Georgia’s May primary elections – among both Democrats and Republicans – and across all racial and other demographic groups – has completely debunked this false narrative pushed by the left; and it also should debunk the narrative here in Rhode Island that the “Let RI Votes Act” is necessary to make voting easy and accessible for Ocean State voters.

The second BIG LIE about the “Let RI Votes Act”, is that the elimination of most mail-ballot security measures will not lead to increased voter fraud.

This second lie, is the issue I explored in my interview with Catherine Engelbrecht. For those who are able to extract their heads from the sand, the evidence is now clear that Trump’s claim about voter fraud and ballot trafficking in the 2020 presidential election is not entirely a big lie; there now ample evidence to prove that at least one major part of his claim is TRUE.

Ironically, two BIG LIES are playing themselves out right here in Rhode Island, with both the RI House and Senate having passed the flawed “Let RI Votes Act”, and awaiting an expected signature from the Governor. Once again, our elected officials irresponsibly acted for purely partisan reasons in blindly following a narrative that is not supported by the evidence.

The new revelations that are discussed in my Engelbrecht interview about the 2000 Mules movie proves that mass mail-ballot voting, without appropriate security provisions, has indeed led to mass voting fraud. This inconvenient reality is 180-degrees opposite to the left’s fabricated narrative … yet these potentially disastrous new voting rules will soon govern all of Rhode Island’s future elections.

As was also proven as TRUTH in Georgia, is that basic and common-sense security measures to ensure mail-ballot integrity … are not an insurmountable obstacle for voters and did not result in lower voter turnout or any voter suppression. In exposing the BIG LIES from the left, the exact opposite happened. Voter turnout increased dramatically.

The TRUTH is that we can make it easier to vote but harder to cheat – the way it should be. But the actual BIG LIES will again rule the day here in corrupt Rhode Island.

Nationally, there is major new evidence the BIG LIE might actually be TRUE, at least when it comes to the claim of illegal ballot trafficking.

I hope you will watch my compelling interview with the woman behind the eye-opening movie – 2000 Mules – produced by Dinesh D’Souza. We also raise many questions about potential voter and census fraud in Rhode Island, and whether or not certain state-based nonprofits may have been complicit.

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