What are we doing to our kids? Mental Health Crisis is Self-Inflicted Wound

We are being told mental health is a crisis among students in our country. School children have been under stress from lockdowns, isolation, and now they are hearing about the tragic school shooting in Texas. The globalists of the world tell us we will never go back to normal, and we must accept a new normal.

The majority of children leave home for school every morning feeling safe, secure, and loved. But once at school, children are being indoctrinated with beliefs and values contrary to those they have learned from their parents. This daily conflict creates perpetual anxiety that is causing the rise in dangerous behaviors including cutting, PTSD, personality disorders, and even suicide. The carrier for creating this conflict is Social Emotional Learning (SEL); it is a sophisticated psychological tool being used on children to produce dramatic changes in their attitudes, values, and beliefs.

Comprehensive sex education (CSE) is also in the toolbox; it is used to break down the bond between children and parents striking at the heart of every family. Children are being exposed to graphic sexual information even in kindergarten – information that can fundamentally change who they are. Children are being groomed in middle and high school via library books and assigned reading material that include rape, incest, pedophilia, BDSM, drugs, pornography, and LBGTQ. They are being instructed on how to self-pleasure and being told that they can chose to be a boy, girl, or even an animal (furry) – and then having that teaching augmented by watching friends go through the process of altering their sex. All the above creates major health issues, including mental health.

The physical, mental, and emotional health of children are being greatly damaged as a result of many teachers and guidance counselors moving away from their customary roles and functioning as unlicensed therapist. The result is therapeutic education for which the carrier is the “Whole Child Whole Community” framework. It is a product of the World Health Organization, the CDC, Bill Gates Foundation, and Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development.

The Whole Child is a tool designed to fully equip schools to meet the emotional, physical, mental health needs of children, and more. Mental health providers, agencies, and school officials are collaborating to pass legislation to create federally funded school-based health care clinics/centers nationwide. The data collection associated with school-based health services is just one of the tools being used to collect student-specific data to establish a “need” for mental health services including restorative justice, this tool is used to avoid reporting behavioral issues, even if a child could be dangerous to the other students. Restorative justice can lead to unreported bullying and tragic school shootings.

These teachings and practices are reinforced daily in all classes. Therein lies the heart of the issue. As a result, under the guise of education, each child’s heart, mind, worldview, and soul is being manipulated to embrace what is abnormal as the “New Normal.”

This is taking place because parents, knowingly or unknowingly have allowed it. The bottom line: government is actively usurping authority that rightly belongs to parents. Parents must stop trusting every teacher, counselor, health care provider, elected official, and even every author. Do not ever presume that anyone has your child’s best interest at heart or loves them as much as you do.

We need to ask ourselves a question…. What must I do to protect my child? Parents must stand in the gap for their children; the government is not in the business of protecting children. Know what mental health bills are being written that will take away your parental right to make health decisions for your child? Opt-out of all surveys. Use an independent licensed counselor that is not affiliated with your child’s school if you think your child needs to talk to someone.

Our hearts and prayers are with the families that have lost children to a school shooting.

Rhonda Thomas is President of Truth In Education, an Atlanta, Georgia based education focused organization.

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