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Tune in to this episode of Hannity and Colmes as we dive into the latest developments surrounding the fourth round of indictments in Georgia, with a major twist that has sent shockwaves through the nation. As Trump faces a looming deadline to turn himself in, the media is abuzz with speculation. Join us for a breakdown of the legal intricacies and a look at the people’s reactions, including bizarre fantasies about him being in prison. In addition, we explore financial woes hitting both sides of the political spectrum, from Rudy Giuliani’s apartment sale for lawyer fees to Stacey Abrams’ similar situation. But the real focus remains on the heart of democracy: the integrity of our elections. With Matos Investigation’s surprising conclusion and questionable signatures, we delve into the impact this has on the upcoming elections. And as the Ivermectin debate rages on, with the FDA’s latest announcement, we question the system’s motives and highlight expert perspectives. we cover a range of topics shaping the national conversation. Don’t miss this episode where we break down the stories that matter, challenge the narratives, and spark the conversations that keep you thinking.”

Join us live on TikTok with hostsAdam The Annihilator and The Dicksta  where we discuss these stories and more. Call in with your thoughts. 401-859-1975

The Dicksta and Adam The Annihilator are at it again… LIVE at 2:00pm! Tune in now!

Red Tide Radio, the common sense leaning, political radio show where we tackle the most pressing issues of the day. Our show is hosted by comedians Adam the Annihilator and the Dicksta! Red Tide Radio is your source for unfiltered political commentary, news analysis, and opinion. From election coverage to immigration reform, from the culture wars to economic policy, we’ve got you covered. With lively debate, listener call in capabilities, and a no-holds-barred attitude… Red Tide Radio is a must-listen for anyone who cares about the future of Rhode Island and our country. Tune in and join the Red Tide revolution!

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