House GOP Leader Chippendale Questions RI’s Election Integrity

RI House GOP Leader MIKE CHIPPENDALE (R-Foster): “For this entire century, the integrity of our elections has been questioned –since the ‘hanging chads’ of 2000. In 2016 it was ‘the Republicans and Russians,’ and in 2020 it was ‘the Democrats and the Election Equipment Industry.’

This single issue has been used to sow unbridgeable division between Americans based solely on party affiliation. (Election malfeasance) is reprehensible and has caused deep public distrust which has impacted voter participation.

The recent nomination signature scandal here in Rhode Island has only amplified that distrust. The simplest part of winning a campaign – gathering ballot signatures, was rife with verified fraud and is now under criminal investigation.

To those who say, ‘This proves the system works’ I say, ‘Just because we hand out speeding tickets, doesn’t prove we’ve eradicated speeding.’ This latest episode has caused Rhode Islanders to question: ‘If the easiest, and most easily verifiable part of the election process is executed fraudulently, then why should we trust any part of it?’ I struggle greatly to rebut that assertion.

This blatant disregard for our laws is devastating and has only caused deeper wounds in the political fabric of our state. At this stage – at this fragile point in our republic – I don’t know what needs to happen to restore faith in our elections, but we better figure it out, and fast.”

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