Josh Mello Saga Continues, as Embattled Cranston Father Claims “Web of Injustices”

Per a media release distributed today by Joshua Mello, the Cranston father whose life was forever altered following a string of events based on an inappropriate, if not illegal, school administrator action … Mello continues to seek to expose what he calls a “web of injustices”.

The Ocean State Current has extensively covered the Mello saga with posts and interviews on the In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse video podcast, centered around the apparent impropriety of how he was denied to access to his own young old daughter while she was in school elementary and middle school.

In one claim by Mello not specified in the release, The Current has obtained a photograph of the alleged “deadly weapon” that was the basis of one of the charges he believes were falsely filed. According to Rhode Island law, a knife may be legally carried if the blade itself is not more than 3-inches long. If the knife in question is the same knife shown below, then it would appear that the police may exaggerated the evidence, depending on where measurement of the “blade” should begin.

The media release in full (including a photo) reads:

“In a shocking turn of events, local father and parent, Josh Mello, has taken the courageous step of leading his own legal defense as a pro se litigant. In his relentless pursuit of justice, Josh aims to expose a litany of criminal, civil, constitutional, and parental rights violations that have plagued the corruption-ridden City of Cranston.

The harrowing journey began with unconstitutional actions and misconduct by the school administration, coupled with a series of lies propagated by the mother of Josh’s children regarding an invalid court order. Matters escalated further when school resource officers were erroneously called under false pretenses, leading to a swift and biased response by the police officers. Josh was unjustly arrested and assaulted, as the authorities claimed he failed to “regulate his emotions” and charged him with disorderly conduct.

To add insult to injury, Josh was wrongfully denied access to his daughter during a feminine emergency, all based on an outdated and invalid court order supported by the deceitful claims of the child’s mother. This fateful morning set in motion a chain of events that exposed a serious set of injustices: fabricated charges, false witness statements, and a trial marred by the withholding of critical evidence.

During the trial, four individuals – including the principal, assistant principal, and two sworn police officers – shamelessly lied under oath, providing false testimonies and declarations. Their illegal actions not only undermined the integrity of the legal justice system but also compromised the fairness of Josh’s trial, resulting in an enormous miscarriage of justice.

Josh Mello’s tireless fight against corruption and injustice has intensified following the termination of his legal counsel. Determined to expose the truth, he has taken on the challenge of representing himself in court as a pro se litigant. By doing so, Josh aims to shed light on the systemic failures and violations that have plagued his case, while holding accountable those who have perpetuated this web of deceit.

As this gripping saga unfolds, Josh Mello’s pursuit of justice serves as a stark reminder that the fight against corruption requires unwavering dedication and relentless courage. By bravely standing up for his rights and the rights of countless others, Josh hopes to inspire change and restore the integrity of the legal system.”

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