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#InTheDugout: Tyranny Targeting Kids

Guest: Nicole Solas KICKED OUT of SK town council mtng for questioning potential criminal activity WATCH NOW ON TWITCH -Heartbreaking Covid tyranny targeting kids -Nicole Solas vs. SK town council president -The Left’s new religion -Updates in #ParentsUnited mask mandate lawsuit: State response shows OPEN DISDAIN to plaintiff parents -Scathing Sten commentary


ALARMING: RI DOH to unilaterally impose new CV-19 mandates, to protect against a legal defeat of McKee’s EOs. No process or transparency. REACTIONS from parents’ attorney, Judge Flanders, lead plaintiff, Dr. Andrew Bostom & Sten. In a MAJOR development, The Ocean State Current has just learned that the State of RI, desperate to preserve its […]

American Privilege and American Supremacy

Today, July 4th, our nation celebrates its independence, an independence that far too many do not appreciate.

In June, I attended a business conference in Idaho. On the jet ride out, from my window seat at 30,000 feet, I viewed the grandeur of America; the towering cities and great lakes I viewed from Providence to Chicago; the enormous great plains and farmlands of the midwest and of course the spectacular peaks of the seemingly endless ranges over the great mountain northwest.

As I absorbed the vastness and beauty of our country … its natural greatness … I also pondered its historical greatness. America has a proud heritage that every American should come to properly understand and defend, including its checkered periods and how we sought to overcome those adversities.

In The Dugout: Defending Our Liberties

Today’s show is live at 5pm. Watch it then share it on social media! Defend our liberties this July 4th! Topics: – True Star Spangled Banner story & the left’s ignorance – Pay Equity bill takes a bite out of our liberty – CEO of Parents Defending Education – Dr. Andrew Bostom on RI’s absurd […]

In The Dugout: RI’s “Sugary Drinks” Tax

Today’s show is live at 5pm. Watch it now then share it on social media! Topics: -CRT infecting our schools, we’re investigating. -Grover Norquist in a Liberty Byte -Mario Lopez of the Hispanic Leadership Fund & Eli Berkowitz on why the regressive RI “sugary drinks” tax especially hurts low-income families & small businesses struggling to […]