Harry Reid’s Prophecy: Political Deja Vu All Over Again

Originally posted on Travis Rowley’s “Listen to the Good Men” podacst, as “Channeling Harry Reid

Please excuse this critique of all the expressions of shock by conservative hosts and pundits last week — shock over the revelation that it was, in fact, the Biden campaign that orchestrated the drafting and dissemination of the “intel letter” that served to blunt the electoral impact of the Hunter Biden laptop story in October 2020. It was a document signed by dozens of former national security officials who readily endorsed the idea that the laptop had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation” — and then invoked by Joe Biden during one of the presidential debates.

The testimony of former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, in particularly, caused my favorite pundits much dismay. Morell had admitted to the House Judiciary Committee that his collaboration with the Biden campaign’s effort to deceive American voters was largely due to the fact that he “wanted [Biden] to win the election.”

Frankly, I’m disappointed in all the conservative consternation. Don’t we know by now that at the root of our nation’s problems is an entire political enterprise that forgoes the embrace of personal honor?

Call it Machiavellian. ‘

Call it Rules for Radicals.

Call it the leftist ethic.

Call it communism.

Call it moral relativism.

For decades, our side has been attempting to expose and explain the antics of the operational Left, and what America is truly up against.

The Enemy Within.

The Deep State.

Perhaps it’s complicated, but the bottom line is this: At some point the entire Democratic complex embraced a subculture of political radicalism in lieu of traditional morality.

Today we find entire news organizations living lifestyle lies regarding their actual purpose — willing to ignore Pulitzer-size stories that might injure the prospects of Democratic politicians and the progressive agenda.

Today we shrug as activist judges take hand-on-the-Bible oaths to uphold the US Constitution while openly subscribing to a judicial philosophy that is morally determined to circumvent it.

So, when will it become commonplace for the average conservative commentator to proceed from the premise that deception and the betrayal of sworn principles are the hallmarks of the political Left — and that the political Left is housed within the Democratic Party?

“Well, they can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win. Did he?”

That was Sen. Harry Reid’s proud justification when asked if he regretted his baseless and widespread campaign accusation that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes for years.

That was 2012.

It’s time to stop pretending that modern Democrats are anything close to God-fearing servants of the American people.

They are gangsters.

They are community-organizing thugs.

We are way beyond the apathetic adage of “oh well, all politicians lie.”


Something much more sinister is going on.

Time to wake up.


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