Fisherman Group Blasts Corrupt Gov’t Environmental Agency; Quits its Advisory Role

The remaining members of the RI Fisherman’s Advisory Board (FAB) – after years of attempting to work with government officials in the approval process for offshore wind projects that must conform to federal guidelines and that would not harm the Ocean State’s vital fishing industry – yesterday threw up their arms in frustration and abruptly resigned their positions .

This mass resignation-in-protest effectively end FAB’s co-operation with the corrupt government agency formed to preserve the state’s coastal resources, the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC).

Just days earlier, Richard Httinger became the first FAB member to resign in protest, following CRMC’s decision to approve the Sunrise Wind project, a Danish company’s 84-turbine wind farm to be located off of Block Island, calling CRMC a rubber stamp for the interests of Washington, DC.

The FAB resignation letter claims the CRMC betrayed its duty to follow federal (Ocean SAMP) guidelines and failed to consider the serious concerns put forth by fishermen. Instead, per the letter, with the CRMC committed to advancing wind projects no matter the consequences, its ostensible partnership with FAB was “reduced to mere political theater”.

What happens next with the CRMC’s approval process for offshore wind farm projects is unclear. However, consistent with the tactics of government agencies that are committed to radical-environmental agenda, the concerns of business people and consumers were ignored, if not canceled.

Representatives from FAB are invited to appear on the popular video blog show, In The Dugout with Mike Stenhouse.

The full FAB resignation letter:

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