School Choice is a Political Winner – Especially Among Minorities

PUBLISHER’s NOTE: School choice and educational freedom for families is a political and electoral winner – especially among minority voters! Yet no lawmaker in the state of Rhode Island is willing to take a major stand, to stand up to special interest teacher unions, and to promote this much needed public policy … especially given the controversial and divisive curricula that is being advanced by the RI Department of Education.

The column below demonstrates how a properly composed message and legislation – like the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity wrote in 2014-15 – will win support among ALL demographic groups.

Parents Want School Choice – Especially Minorities

by the Committee To Unleash Prosperity, 11/7/23 Hotline

We keep saying it – school choice is the most vital civil rights issue of our time – and a new Zogby poll of voters in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Missouri, South Carolina, Utah, Alabama, California, and Pennsylvania confirms this.  The poll found overwhelming support for ESAs (Educational Savings Accounts or Empowerment Scholarship Accounts) and even in blue states with support highest among minorities:

  • This support is expressed across all demographics with 73% Hispanic, 69% Black, 58% White, and 61% Asian in support. Additionally, the majority of parent respondents in both rural and urban geographies support ESAs, and 70% of parents whose child(ren) are on free and reduced lunch are in support.
  • In California, a majority of parents (71%) are in favor of establishing an ESA program and two in three (66%) said they would apply for an ESA. There is strong support for ESAs among Hispanic parents (71%), White parents (70%), and parents of children eligible for reduced payment for lunch (74%).
  • In Pennsylvania, almost three in four (74%) parents were in favor of an ESA program established in their state. Three in five (60%) would apply if they could, including 70% whose children are eligible for federal school lunches. It was strongest among parents who live in big cities (90%) and small cities (81%), but impressive majorities favored the program in suburbs (70%) and rural areas (65%).

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