Yes, We Should Indoctrinate Students with Controversial Beliefs

The main argument goes, “If we can just save one student by providing a supportive environment …” This is the sentiment of those who advocate for the teaching of controversial and explicit belief systems in K-12 schools. After all, what’s a little divisiveness between believers and the many other students and parents who do not ascribe to such beliefs … when a child’s life is at stake.
I’ve changed my mind on this … now I agree … saving just one child’s future is worth it all
Why shouldn’t we have welcoming and “inclusive” schools that accommodate students and staff, no matter how they identify? As a compassionate society, it is incumbent on us to look for every opportunity to support the minds of each and every young person and to affirm their identity, no matter how foreign it may seem to the rest of us.
In today’s world, there is no room for intolerance or hate … which has been redefined simply as disagreement with someone else’s claims of rights violations. Educators are grappling with parents about how to navigate these turbulent waters, but if everyone can learn to accept … and to teach … such belief systems … then … won’t we all just get along better?
To build a more inclusive school environment that creates “safe spaces” for our children, why shouldn’t we seek to accept,  even encourage, students who pursue beliefs that might save their unsettled souls?
For those who hold controversial beliefs, the climate in schools today can be toxic. Ridicule for believing in unscientific theories, bullying by fellow students, vociferous parental protests at public school committee meetings, teachers resigning or getting fired for being forced to teach such controversial viewpoints, cynical stories in the media, and even legislative bans … have come to define this climate of hate.
Why should our schools be inclusive? Because we want kids to feel free to just be themselves, no matter what that might entail. Everyone wants happy kids … but if their chosen belief system is not supported in schools … who knows … they might become emotionally unstable, if not suicidal.
If we can save the life of just one kid.
At its core, bigotry and hatred is due to a fundamental lack of understanding of the issue. How does one become this way? What sacrifices have to be made? What are the risks? What are the potential redeeming factors?
And why should it stop with what we teach kids about these beliefs? Schools can provide further support by ensuring these convictions are advertised on hallway and classroom posters and discussed in casual conversations at every turn. School libraries and classroom bookshelves should not only include multiple graphic novels on the issue, but they should be prominently featured on display cases.
To be fully inclusive, we must have perpetual reinforcement … and all staff and fellow students must become fluent in the appropriate language and lingo … through professional development and peer-pressure. In short, omnipresent adoption must become routine.
If we can save just one child.
But why stop with just one child? Why not work to transition as many students as possible into this belief system. Why not save dozens or hundreds of students in each school?
In recent months, I have come to change my mind on this topic. I am now fully supportive of exposing, teaching, and encouraging as many students as possible to adopt these controversial beliefs.
There is one such belief, where the historical and empirical record of success in saving lives and souls is undeniable … and it’s time for students to learn of its palliative powers.
Indeed, as such, belief in Jesus Christ must become the new “inclusive” for all K-12 schools. Some may find it controversial, while others might find it divisive. But if “Trust in God” is how a child identifies, who are we to be intolerant? Who could be so hateful? We must embrace it and fully support such beliefs in all of our classrooms.
Let’s truly make our schools a welcoming and supportive environment for all children of God. Let’s ensure Christ has a major place in their lives … and let’s further seek to indoctrinate and transition as many students as possible into his truth.
And we will have saved not just one, but millions of souls. Who could argue with that?

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