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History Repeats Itself Once Again

No matter how or where, humanity has always had an unquenchable thirst for progress. From setting out to explore new lands from the Americas to the Moon, we have always pursued to enhance our lives and knowledge beyond that which prior generations before us have stopped. But, as of now, we have hit a wall […]

Windmills in a First World Country

With the steady march toward more renewable energy within our nation, legislators in our Ocean State have once again jumped on the bandwagon, and they’re bringing our state’s energy companies along for the costly ride.

A Rhode Island bill being sponsored by solely democrat representatives will have the state drastically increase renewable energy production and supply, requiring all of RI’s electricity to be offset by renewable energy by 2033.

Discounting Drugs from the Great White North

As it currently stands, the price point for Canadian generics (the same drug without the name brand) is, on average, 38% lower than the comparable brand price in Canada. In stark contrast,  generic prices within the United States were 74% lower than the comparable U.S. brand price. Comparing the two, patients who purchase drugs in America are paying up to 88% over their Canadian counterparts.

Gucci is Tax Exempt, Mandatory PPE is Not

Looking at the taxes we are burdened to pay in Rhode Island, there’s a lot of them. From a sales tax for products that shouldn’t be taxed, to regressive carbon taxes, to estate taxes placed upon the state’s recently deceased, our small state has big taxes. Looking to places where taxes get more lenient, clothing […]

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